Monday, 31 January 2011

Awards Season

The Golden Globes have just finished, the Oscar nominees have been announced. Awards season has been picked up by the bloggers and they are running with it.

There seems to have been a little flurry of bloggers awarding each other for being generally awesome recently.  I  am very flattered to have been made the recipient of a few.

As a rule I'm not very good at following rules so I'm not going to be doing the seven random things about myself (I've done that here).

But as the awarders are bloggers new to me (and therefore quite possibly new to you) so here is a quick summary:

The Chronicles of Violetta Margarita: The name isn't hers but one she has picked out for the daughter she desperately wants. At the moment she is jacking up for her third shot at IUI and is the proud(ish) possessor of a diagnosis of "unexplained infertility" despite having some thyroid issues. Oh, and she has no problem telling if she ovulating.

Fertility Frustration:  I think the title is one we can all identify with. She has had a rough time after two failed IUI's she was on a downward spiral but quit smoking, lost weight and is back on the medical intervention route. She had wind chimes (but no more), she is a nurse in a neonatal intensive care unit, a tough job at the best of times - but for an infertile - ouch.  In November she had an IUI that resulted in a brief positive, but January's didn't work at all. She is taking an enforced treatment break just now.

Team Baby: The CEO of team baby is 42 her finacé, Rob is a car fanatic - and they got together by going out for a Valentine's Meal "as friends". All in she has been trying for 10 months but, time being of the essence, she has already done four IUIs and is now having month off before IVF.

So there you go. Maybe some of their stories chime with yours in which case go over and say hello.