Tuesday, 7 December 2010

There Is A Plan

The appointment today wasn’t quite what I expected.

I’d anticipated another biopsy so had done the requisite preparations (taken pain killers, shaved legs, waxed muff, painted toe nails – one likes to make a good impression) but it was just a chat about the next step.

And it was broadly positive.

The doctor seems to have a grudging admiration for the tenacity of my diseased womb lining.

“It just won’t shift. This is beyond a joke now.” He stated the obvious (and I wondered whether he’d read this blog, as the past few posts have also been beyond a joke).

The plan is to give me a curettage (manual scraping of the womb) in early January. Thankfully he wants to do this whilst I am under a general anaesthetic so, as he said “I can have a good rummage around without worrying about hurting you.” (I’m getting increasingly convinced he reads my blog, I’m sure I’ve used that phrase before).

This should clear my womb and then I am going to start taking Zoladex to bring on a menopause (reversible, he assured me). I’ll take this for one or two months depending on how well I respond. Which, looking on the brightside isn’t too bad, my office is freezing so hot flushes during January and February would be welcome.

Then I go straight onto IVF in February or March.

The doctor was incredibly positive about my chances with IVF, he was very complimentary about my egg quality and overall health. It is just this (very) bloody womb lining which prevents implantation, so there is no point in progressing until it is resolved.

I asked what they would do if the curettage and Zoladex didn’t work. Apparently I’ll go on the drugs for longer and he’ll look at freezing some embryos so that if there are further delays I won’t then be subjected to age-related infertility.

And if that doesn’t work, the next option is surrogacy.

“But it won’t come to that,” he pledged. His eyes narrowed, and suddenly he wasn’t speaking to me but levying a threat direct to my womb lining, “I’ve not failed before, and I am not about to be defeated now.”

I feel reassured, and looked after. I get the impression this is personal now, the doctor is looking out for me.

In fact, I was filled with such confidence that I forgot to ask about going private.

Now I just have to hope that I really do get my appointment for the womb deep-clean in early January rather than experiencing more delays.

And this Christmas I am going to overindulge without any guilt.


  1. Oh, that IS a plan. I had the zoladex and it wasn't bad at all. More of an excuse to be cranky than anything, to be perfectly honest. With a bit of luck, you'll be fine on it too.

    [And Doctor? Since you're reading - just write that appointment nice and big in pen, will you?]

  2. "a good rummage around"... I am dying laughing! I'm glad everything went well, It sounds like with a few minor set backs you are still on your way!

  3. Sounds like a solid plan and one with lots to be hopeful about. I like your doctor...sounds like he's very confident and thorough. Wishing you lots of luck.

  4. A good plan. And, a way to move forward. Sounds good.

    I love "a good rummage around." :)

  5. YAY for a good solid plan, and fingers crossed for no further delays! And woo hoo for a guilt free Christmas - sounds perfect!
    If only the RE's really did read our blogs. . .=).

  6. I love this doctor's confidence. This is a challenge he is not only up for, but will not accept defeat! What a hero!

  7. He's never failed?! Shit, that's the best thing you could hear. Let's keep him at a perfect record.

  8. Dear Liz, I dont know you at all except through this blog but i am a friend of G in brussels (she put me onto this blog). i have never commented before but have always wanted to and just reading this post made me do it. I so admire how strong you are and how you have humour in all of this. I am so pleased you got some helpful news today.. here is wishing and hoping that your bits get a good old clean out and are fresh and ready for the next steps. How great to have a doctor that gets it and gets you and your feelings... stay strong, stay funny and all things crossed for you and your bits!

  9. It's good that your womb lining is now officially on notice. I am pleased with your doctor's confidence and this surely must be the recipe for success.

  10. I love you Brits and your "rummaging around"! Everything you all say sounds so much better than when we say it. Congratulations on your new plan; I'm so glad the eggs are looking good!

  11. @Twangypearl the Elastic Girl, what? MORE of an excuse? Poor husband… And Doctor, what she said.

    @waiting and wishing, yup back on route!

    @AplusB, I like my doctor too. And the husband said the same as you, he is instilled with confidence – which is all good.

    @Rebecca, yup, it does sound good. I love the fact that all you Yanks like the word rummage.

    @Miss Megan, I dunno, I haven’t been 100% complimentary about all my doctors in the past …

    @Jem, He’ll certainly be my hero if he can defeat the womb lining!

    @Kelly, I didn’t quyestion whether he has never failed to get someone pregnant, or just never been defeated by a womb lining before. I suspect the latter.

    @Anonymous, Hello, Any friend of G is a friend of mine! Thnanks for commenting.

    @Mrs. Misfits, the eviction notice is served!

    @lady pumpkin, Jolly good! (Is that the sort of thing you like to hear?

  12. Good for plans. Good good good. (And the NHS does work best when your consultant makes you into his PERSONAL MISSION and goes all WILL NOT BE DEFEATED on you).

    Have an absolutely amazingly fabulous boozy and gluttonous Christmas with adult entertainment ad libitum and all interactions with other humans being as lovely and supportive as possible.

  13. Hi hon,


    Nice pic of you in the advent calendar today, BTW.

    love Wig xxxx

  14. Cool. He sounds like the kind of dude it's good to have on your side. And yay to a good Christmas! x

  15. That sounds like a plan...especially the overindulgent holidays part! Now, to just get that appointment written in stone...

  16. Glad there's a sliver lining in all of this! :)

    At least you have a plan in place, rather than hearing "not sure". Hope that 2011 is your year!!

  17. curretage = good thing IMHO.

  18. Hoorah - that sounds VERY positive and reassuring. Heres to a pregnant 2011.

  19. PS - make the most of the wine, stilton, smoked salmon and other tasty stuff over Christmas.... and did I say the wine?

  20. Have just checked your blog - so sorry, speak sunday, wombmate x

  21. @nutsinmay, that Christmas you described sounds just perfect except you missed out Trivia and jig saws.

    @Martin, yup, bring on 2011

    @wig, cheers – It wasn’t a very nice pic… but had good memories.

    @Caroline, No. He is, it is now a matter of professional pride.

    @areyoukiddingme, I’m not even asking for stone, just a letter on paper would do.

    @Rambler, it is more of a tin foil lining, but yeah, better than nothing.

    @deardarl, and general anaesthetic = even better.

    @MabelB, Ahhh the B is the surname, got it! Yes, will be toasting 2011, with a side order of all those other tasty treats..

    @wombmate, aye, enjoy the rest of your hols. (How modern is this, communicating via a blog?!)

  22. i think the clinical data on zoladex say go on it for 3 months to help 'reset' womb lining, but not sure if they compared three versus 2 versus 1 or just 3 versus none. So whatever, glad your doc is helping.

  23. You gotta love a doc that takes war with your uterus personally! I like him! A man with a mission!
    And although it does involve a little more waiting, it's awesome to have a plan in place again!

  24. It's so glad to hear that there is a solid plan in place. This doctor bloke sounds like he's going to be on a mad mission to sort out that womb of yours!
    Indulge indulge indulge.. You deserve it!

  25. Confidence sounds good, and indulging.
    Fingers crossed that your doc's plan works out, and that your womb gets the message (finally)!

  26. @Thalia, Thanks for the info, I hope the scraping resets it, and the Zoldax just ensures nothing else crops up.

    @iamstacey, yup, let’s hope it really does go according to plan.

    @Carolyne, I have started the indulgence already!

    @Amelie, I hope so. Thanks.

  27. I am catching up and so just reading your news now. January or February! This is wonderfully soon. I am crossing fingers and toes that you get your curettage done lickity split in the New Year, and that it will give you a nice, fresh campus from which to work when starting that cycle. I'm very glad he is a man with a plan. And that he is taking this personally.


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