Thursday, 2 December 2010

Operation Mojo: Day 4: Results

I'll cut to the chase.

I got the long awaited biopsy results today.

It is a FAIL.

There is still some endometrial hyperplasia kicking around. I go back to the Doctor on Tuesday for another biopsy, and hysteroscopy and a plan of what they'll do next. I don't know what that will be, but I can be pretty confident that it won't be IVF in January.

I don't know what the mojo measurement for distraught is, but I imagine it is somewhere on a par with the temperatures here in London. (Minus figures, for those who aren't in the know).

I give up on the mojo challenge.

I am going to have a glass of wine just now. And maybe another cry. And a bath.


Updated to add:

It was the nurse who phoned with me with my results. She could tell I was upset with the news and didn't say much on the phone. But she has just sent me an email (at five to eight on a Thursday night) which is worth quoting in full.

Hi Elizabeth
I just wanted to say I am so sorry the results were not what we had all hoped for, and there is nothing I can say which will make you feel any better right now.

I hope after seeing Mr **** Tuesday things will not seem so dark.

I have asked the reception staff to send you a letter confirming this, however if you don't receive it, please still come to clinic 3 at 2-30 and advise them you are here to see him.

Do take care .

I've said it before, and I will no doubt say it again, and again, but once you get past the administration fuck-ups the NHS staff are second to none.


  1. Oh lady, I'm so, so sorry to hear that.... be good to yourself over the next few days.

  2. Oh bollocks. I am so sorry that the news was not good. Sending Internet wine and chocolates.

  3. sorry to hear that. Hope the dr. has a good plan for you on Tuesday.

  4. I am so so sorry, Liz.

    That fucking sucks.

  5. I am so sorry, Liz. This sucks. :( Thinking of you. <3

  6. Oh shit, I am so sorry. Not what any of us wanted for you.
    Amazing nurse though to send that e-mail!

  7. Oh no. I'm so sorry. This sucks.

    It's a small comfort, I guess, but thanks for kind nurses.

  8. Oh, God. What a crap situation. You deserve a break, already. I hope there's a good plan in store for you.

  9. Shit, shit, and shit. I'm so sorry, Liz. Hugs...

  10. Adding my thoughts too.
    Utterly, utterly bloody news.

  11. I am so sorry. Shit damn bugger and blast.

    Kudos to the nurse - tiny crumb of comfort, the NHS employs dear good people.

  12. :(

    I am glad the nurse was very nice to you. But still...


    Sending good thoughts and vibes. xxxx

  13. I'm sorry. I hope Tuesday goes better than today.

  14. Oh Liz, I am so very sorry indeed. Woe & Buggery bloody Fuckington. I hope Tuesday goes better, but... yeah. Wine, tears and bath sounds about right. You can has hugs, too?

  15. I'm so sorry. That really, really sucks. I hope you get some better news at your appointment. Enjoy your wine, my friend.

  16. Oh. Oh no. I'm so, so sorry. That is just not fair, not fair at all.

  17. Oh hugs hugs hugs. I so so wish these were different results. Always thinking of you.

  18. I'm sorry to hear that the results are taking away your mojo. That was not the correct answer. Can they try again and get it right this time?

    The nurse, though - it sounds like she has an actual vocation instead of just a job. Keep her. Just find someone with better results.

  19. For real? Come on, this is a few too many tolls you're having to pay before hitting the IVF roadway. I'm really sorry, I know delays are a shitty. And they bring down any mojo you've managed to capture the last few days. I hope getting the quick appt. with the doctor gives you some better answers.

  20. I'm so sorry. What shit news. I know nothing I say can make it better but please know you are in my thoughts and in my heart. I'm swearing silently for you...

  21. I'm swearing loudly for you.
    So sorry Liz.

  22. Oh no! I don't believe it. So so sorry, Liz. I am flabbergasted.

    Come on Mr. Whatsyername, have a plan, and make it really really good. Hoping for best, as ever. xx

  23. I'm so sorry. Fuck, that sucks.

  24. I'm so, so sorry. That is incredibly unfair.

  25. Oh Liz, that's just not what anyone wanted to hear. You've touched the hearts of so many people, some who know you in real life and some who follow your clever, witty insights on the web, and everyone will be wanting to care for you and wish you'd had different news. So sorry, thinking about you xxxx

  26. Liz, I am so sorry about this news. I know your heart is sinking. Keep the faith, I just feel good things are out there for you. You might not think it now, but one day when that little face is looking up at you it will all be worth it (p.s., when I said "little face" I didn't mean a midget at the circus). Take care girl!

  27. I'm very sorry.

  28. Shit fuck and piss. Not much else can describe it really.
    I'm sorry you got this news.

  29. I'm so sorry the news wasn't better.

  30. Oh, no, I don't believe it. Things were finally on a roll, the waiting was over. This is not fair.

  31. @TheSheila I have been being good to myself thanks, that included some free jazz and a lot of booze.

    @Betty M, wine and chocolate virtually received

    @Adele, Nice bit of gratuitous swearage there.

    @AplusB, ta, I don’t think he’ll have a plan but hopefully a few options.

    @Lisa, thank you.

    @Katie, it does suck, so thanks

    @Illanare, bit of a typo there! (Did you mean fuck?)

    @Rebecca, Cheers

    @Nic, that email was a pretty amazing thing to do.

    @Conceptionally Challenged, it was a small comfort, but any comfort is good.

    @Finch, I want a break, but not the kind of ‘go back on the coil for six months’ break!

    @Trinity, I’ll add another shit.

    @Ellen Arnison, thanks for your thoughts.

    @nutsinmay, ‘Shit, Damn, Bugger and Blast’ sounds like a great name for jazz quartet.

    @Caroline, No. You know how I feel about emoticons, consider yourself warned.

    @waiting and wishing, cheers, Bring on Tuesday and I’ll be waiting and wishing.

    @hairyfarmerfamily, I had lots of hugs thanks to a combination of the dog and husband.

    @myprettyones, Thanks for popping over, when you’ve got a real handful just now.

    @fragmentedhopes, as if fairness had anything to do with it. Grrrr.

    @Sarah, Ta (and sorry about your hair – I’ve done that before too, though from a lighter base and it still went orange)

    @Barb, Thanks, maybe the next results will be different.

    @areyoukiddingme, yes, the nurse has clearly found her calling. We need more.

    @Rambler, I hope when I do hit that highway I get given a Ferrari.

    @Esperanza, I’m swearing loudly – but I appreciate any foul language, so thank you.

    @deardarl, Ta, its tough, but nothing like what you are going through.

    @Mick, hey! Long time no hear, cheers.

    @Martin, sorry who are you? You have a mouth like Xbox but …

    @Anon – Berlin, next time I want German swearing.

    @Twangypearl the Elastic Girl, I was bit flabbergasted too, they seemed so sure that the coil would have worked.

    @April, thanks, it does indeed.

    @Kelly, I know, but as my Mum always said “Life isn’t fair” I wish it was though.

    @wig, If I didn’t know you were pregnant I’d wonder if you’d been drinking! (Thanks)

    @Anonymous, my dog had a teeny tiny pin-face. Could that be the one you were thinking of?

    @solnushka, thanks

    @Carolyne, that just about sums it up.

    @Bernardeena, thanks me too!

    @iamstacey, I know, I seem to be on a snakes and ladders game here!

    @The Cat Lady, oui, c’est un gros tas de merde

    @serendipity, yup, thanks for your thoughts.

  32. That's lovely and sweet of you to take the time to do that Liz. You know in this craziness that we will happily give to you without it, but it's still sweet. :)

  33. Catching up belatedly, and so very, very sorry to hear this news. Thinking of you. xx


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