Saturday, 11 December 2010

It Worked ... And It Didn't Work

On Friday, less than 24 hours after I emailed, I got a call from the nurse (the one the Doctor has specifically name checked as the person who would be booking me in for my appointment). I missed the call but got a long, rambling answer phone message, the essence of which was:

I'm not sure what the procedure you are going to be booked in for is, so it is difficult for me to advise you about how much recovery time you'll need.

The message was long with a real emphasis on how much time I may or may not need for recovery, which was incredibly frustrating. I don't really care about how much time I need to take off work. I'll deal with that when I have to. All I want to know is ‘WHEN IS MY APPOINTMENT?’.

In retrospect it is fair enough, my email concentrated on the recovery time. But that was just a way to draw her in. What I really wanted to make sure of was that somebody, somewhere is blocking out the Doctor's diary with my name in big bold letters.

So I sent another email thanking her for getting in touch and asked her if she thought there was anyone else I should possibly be in touch with.

I haven't heard back.

I think there are lessons to be learned from this.

Namely I should know my limits, and shouldn’t try to be clever in future.


  1. Darn! I was hoping it would work. Maybe it will keep you at the top of her mind though? Fingers crossed.

  2. Hard to know what would work with this.
    But do be the squeaky wheel ... I say this as a confirmed non-squeaker, but when I have had to be squeaky, I've gotten the grease .... so to speak.

  3. No, no - just be more specific. You could go with:

    As you know, the doctor was scheduling me for XXX procedure and thought that YYYY date would be available. I was planning on taking ZZZ through AAA off of work. Do you think this will be enough time? If not, what adjustment do you recommend?

    That way, she can come back with...

    Oh, we hadn't scheduled you yet - let me get the next available date.

    Good luck - keep on them!

  4. @mypretty =ones, oh yes, I intend to be right at the top of her mind until I get pregnant - operation pester power!

    @deardarl, eek, eek.

    @areyoukiddingme, nice idea but he wasn't stupid enough to give me a specific date just early January - which could be the 4th or the 14th...

  5. I always go with stalker-calling. Definitely go backn to that tactic!

  6. Damn. Such a good plan, too.

  7. I'm with iamstacey - time to turn on your inner stalker and call them every morning and every afternoon until you get an answer.

  8. @iamstacey, Do you think boiling thier bunnies is taking it too far?

    @nutsinmay, The best laid plans, always seem to get screwed. As I believe the quotation goes.

    @TheSheila, Done. Rabbit stew anyone?

  9. Hmmm. I must say I went with the "pushy bitch" approach and I'm sure I wss hated throughout the clinic but it got me a baby. Good luck!

  10. I'm with a, and Amanda. Being a bit squeaky seems like a good plan.
    What are they waiting for to schedule the surgeries? Does Mars have to be in the House of Venus or something?

  11. Arg, how can she not know the procedure? Or is that as well-defined as "early January". So frustrating. I do hope they get back to you soon, with real answers this time.

  12. Yow:( I don't even know what that word means, but it's the sound that comes to mind when I think of you thwarted on the answer front. And waiting.

    I hope she reverts to her previously helpful self and writes back soon.

    Waiting. There is nothing worse.

  13. @MabelB, that sounds fair enough, I not doing this for a popularity contest.

    @Twangypearl, maybe, or maybe they are just waiting for a blue moon.

    @Conceptionally Challenged, I don’t know, I really don’t know. (I’ve even wrote in my email what the procedure was to give her the heads up!)

    @Adele, It is a different nurse from the helpful one, but I’m sure I’ll charm/ bug her into helping … eventually.


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