Thursday, 9 December 2010

In Which I Try A Spot Of Manipulation

I am becoming more and more manipulative. And I like it.

Those who follow the nail-biting story of months of inactivity punctured by the brief flurries of excitement that is my quest for kids will know that, on Tuesday, I was promised a manual womb scrape.

This isn't the sort of offer a girl like me likes to turn down. Who needs a facial micro dermal abrasion when something like this is on offer?

The problem is I wasn't given an exact date. Just the vague promise of early January. And this from the same doctor who, in March, confidently predicted I'd have IVF in late Spring - not realising the next available appointment was in June, quite apart from the subsequent medical problems that was never going to happen.

So what to do? Back in the day, I would have waited patiently for a letter informing me of the appointment.

More recently I would have tried ringing and left numerous messages, on a machine that I strongly suspect doesn't have any tape in it, to try and secure the appointment.

Just last week I might have sent an email asking when my appointment would be.

Today I decided to try another tack. I emailed the nurse who is due to book me in, but, and here is the fiendishly clever bit:

The explicit purpose of the email wasn't to ask when my appointment would be.

I simply asked how many days she thought I'd need to take off work to recover from the general anaesthetic. And then I added, just as a casual side note, that it'd be good to get the date for the appointment soon, just so I could clear it with work.

See the difference? What I did was ask a question that would appeal to her caring, nurturing, professional-opinion side I even added, in brackets, that I had never had a general anaesthetic before. Thus displaying a heart-tugging amount of vulnerability. (That wasn't a lie, I haven't, the closest I have been to one was when the wombmate had her adenoids out aged 5. I remember her saying she woke up with sick on the pillow and I gave her a Mr Men book as a get well present, ever since the idea of a general has both repelled and appealed to me in equal measure.*)

So there you go, more manipulative than someone who posts on twitter "I am really upset" and sits back awaiting the direct messages.

How long do you reckon before I get a response?

*Obviously by recalling this 29 year old anecdote I am in no way suggesting that when I do have a general anaesthetic the womb mate should repay the debt by getting me a present.

Not at all.

I would never be so manipulative.


Wombmate, Don't even let it cross your mind.

You put that purse away.

I mean, if you did want to get me maybe a ... I dunno ... DVD to watch from the sofa whilst recovering I obviously couldn't stop you.

(I'll send you my wish list from Amazon, shall I?).


  1. lol! Love it! I am finding myself more demanding and manipulative as time goes on. The longer I do not have a baby, the less patience I have!
    Hope you get a response soon

  2. you're being proactive, not manipulative, and i say KEEP IT UP!! xoxo.

  3. Why you cunning little fox, you.

  4. I agree with sienna- it's being proactive, not manipulative! You've got to do what's best for you girl!

  5. Manipulation? Strategy? What does it matter as long as you get results...and DVDs


  6. Ooh! Well played! I am impressed. DVDs too, you've thought of everything.

  7. Very clever! I hope you do get a response, and soon.

  8. Way to go...

  9. Excellent strategy. Now, let's see if that gets the wheels moving just a bit quicker. I hope so.

    (Regards to wombmate).

  10. @Nic, I know and then we are going to have to re-learn patience all over again nce we do have a baby.

    @sienna, how about proactively manipulative?

    @wig, you are the fox. And, as a nurse, what do you reckon? Would it work?

    @Christina, why thank you.

    @areyoukiddingme, I’m comiling my DVD list as we speak. I reckon I’ve got a better chance of scoring a win there.

    @Twangy, I try, I try.

    @conceptionallychallenged, thanks (although spoiler – I did get a quick response, it wasn’t what I wanted).

    @Anon – Berlin, a long way, unfortunately.

    @Adele, just not grinding to a halt would be good.

  11. As long as good results are yielded...


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