Saturday, 18 December 2010

A Christmas Cracker

Once again Womb For Improvement Incorporated brings you the game you can't afford to be without this Christmas.

Building on the long term success of Barren Bingo and last year's surprise hit Conceive Or Deceive, we are delighted to announce, new for 2010, Conceive Or Concede, based on much loved childhood games of Snakes and Ladders and the Monopoly Chance card.

This deceptively simple game give you the opportunity to pit chance against your uterus and see if you can get impregnated, or will you simply concede defeat?

Download the game here and (using your own dice and counters) simply throw the dice and see if you can get from cycle day one all the way to pregnancy on day thirty.

MANUFACTURERS NOTE: There have been some scurrilous rumours in the gutter press that this game is impossible. It is perfectly easy to win on your first go, you simply need to throw five sixes in a row.

DISCLAIMER: You success, or otherwise, in this game bears no actual bearing on your success at getting pregnant. This is born out by the fact that in controlled conditions men appear to be more successful at this game than women.


  1. Good one! I think my fave of the three.

  2. Wait, wait...perhaps I can write the follow-up game, So You Think You Are Pregnant - Think Again! Days 1-5 would have rising/falling betas. Days 6-10 would have useless blood draws and bleeding or early scans. Days 10-20 would have copious drinking or heartbeat scans. Days 20-30 would have feelings of complacency until the bleeding starts. Oh, well, maybe that game is too depressing. Never mind...

  3. Nice! And the disclaimer is appreciated.

    BTW, missed your "Christmas Blog" advent calendar design this year. :)

  4. The game is sheer brilliance - and you should send it to Hasbro (or RESOLVE) quickly! Good luck this week. Will be thinking about you on Thursday (or Wed night in NY).

  5. This is great. I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Not necessarily as a stocking stuffer, perhaps more as an homage to time already served, to fold up and carry in my pocket. (How many, many times I have been on #29).

    Patent this. Quickly.


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