Wednesday, 3 November 2010


The coil has gone.

I am without contraception for the first time in three months.

I presented my eager beaver, and the biopsy was done swiftly and painfully, and has been sent to the lab for analysis to see if it has rid my womb of its atypical cells.

There is now a two-week wait until the appointment that will determine whether I can go ahead with IVF, or whether the Doctor will tell me where to shove it. (Note: I already know where to shove it and that hasn't helped to date).

I might spend the next 14 days peeing on ovulation tests. Just in case. Last time I had the coil removed I ovulated after just eleven days, admittedly that was with added clomid, but jut imagine if my womb is clear, and if I do ovulate, and if I do get pregnant and don't need IVF afterall.

Just imagine.

That's what I've been spending the afternoon doing.


  1. Fantastic. As they say, imagination is the mother of invention/conception (same difference).
    So happy for you. Waiting on those test results eagerly with you.

  2. I can imagine it, and it sounds WONDERFUL!

  3. Yay!

    I sometimes think that if you daydream hard enough you will fool your body into doing what it should. Mind over matter. It's not worked yet though...

    g x

  4. Fabulous news!!!! And imagine it, it happens!!!! I hope it happens for you! xoxoxox

  5. I'm glad you got that damn coil out. I hope the biopsy shows an all clear.

    Now I'll imagine all the good stuff for you.

  6. Yay, I was keeping my fingers crossed today. Here's hoping. xx

  7. Pleased the coil is out. Really hope it is good news. Why is everything broken down into two week waits?!?
    Would be so amazing for you to get pregant this month!
    Good luck!

  8. Finally! I'm so glad you are one step closer to moving forward. Here's hoping that this 2ww goes quickly and has good news on the other end. Although, I like the idea of you getting pregnant this month!

  9. ...and don't I wish I could make that daydream come true...

  10. You are unfettered and fancy free. Those are some mighty ifs to ponder and if I could shake the genie out of the bottle (no not that one..who has the dirty mind? I swear!), I would wish all of those with yes in the near future.

  11. "I presented my eager beaver" - dear God, woman, stop it. I just sprayed chamomile tea all over the computer screen.

    Good luck.

  12. Fingers and toes crossed...

  13. *snort* eager beaver...where to shove were really on a roll today with the puns and innuendo.

    Hoping the biopsy shows all clear, and that your imaginings come to fruition!

  14. Happy to hear the coil is no more. Everything crossed for you.

  15. Also imagining! That would be fantastic. And not so very outlandish, you know.

    Digits in crossed position.
    Best of luck.

  16. Haha your eager beaver - I bet it was lady, I bet it was!

    I shall do some imagining for you too and am sending some "oh-god-make-it-so" vibes to you!

  17. So glad that you have been uncoiled. I'm hopeful that you'll get the green light in two weeks, and that this show can finally get on the road for you.

    (And in the meantime, put that eager beaver to work:)

  18. Typically a lurker but I felt the need to comment on this one...

    Congrats on the uncoiling!!!

    Hope things go well from here on out!

  19. I snarfed while reading "beaver." Thank you for making me laugh this week. I'm new here 'cause I finally thought it was time to stop wallowing in grief and find a woman who could make me laugh at my body's insistence on miscarrying every single month I get pregnant. Back to my daydreams now...

  20. Yay for uncoiling!
    And good luck for those just-in-case tests!

  21. Hee hee - beavers. Yey to removal.

  22. Yay...things are moving a long well for you I see. I'm glad to hear you're uncoiled.

    I am finally undergoing IVF and it's not as bad as I thought it would be. Crazy because I was dreading it and you are just dying to be able to do it. Makes me feel bad for dreading it. Let's see if it works! By the way, was thinking about you the other day because I was writing about (ok ranting about) infertility from a feminist perspective here:

    I'd be interested in knowing what your take on it is.

  23. Yay! Coil-free! I'm keepin' my fingers crossed that you just WON'T need that IVF!! Can't wait to hear the biopsy results!

  24. I've been reading for a while but haven't commented! I love your writing, you have such a sense of humour and are so witty even when going through such a hard time! It really is a great read and so entertaining!

    I really hope everything works out for you now, I'll keep everything crossed!

    L xx


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