Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Operation Mojo: Day 2: Drag Queens

There are few things more likely to raise my spirits than man in a frock and disco tunes.

Unfortunately the husband refuses to indulge this passion other than the day we wed, when he wore a skirt and we danced with, almost, gay abandon to Donna Summer. (Alright so technically he wore a kilt, but my point stands, since that day he has been fully trousered).

Tonight I went to see the stage show of 'Priscilla Queen of the Desert'. Buff men in skimpy, sequined numbers belting out mojo-lifting tunes such as "I Will Survive" and "Someone Left The Cake Out in The Rain," (I'm sure there is a metaphor in there somewhere).

And what better way to end the show than with a rousing chorus of "Finally It Has Happened To Me"?

It is my new mantra.

I've been singing it all the way home, which has the added benefit of ensuring I got a double seat to myself on the bus.

Mojo rating: 8 out of 10.

(Down two points because I am STILL waiting for my biopsy results, it'll be a month tomorrow since they took the bloody sample).


  1. Now that's more like it! I am singing too now.

  2. Ha! You are hilarious. Looking forward to reading about your continuing Mojo quest.

  3. Ooooh! Love that movie. one of my all time favorites. I cove to rock out to the soundtrack. :) As soon as you said "man in a frock" I started thinking "a cock in a frock on a rock.". So jealous that there is a stage show now!! I have to find it if it comes over here!!

  4. That is definitely a spirit-lifter! Hope your results come in soon.

  5. Do you think she'd crumble? Do you think she'd lay down and die? Oh no, not WFI!

  6. Now that sounds like a great idea!
    Sorry for the result delay though. It could almost be funny -- almost.

  7. Much more fun than stickers!

  8. Drag Queens make the world go 'round. Glad that the mojometer is inching up.


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