Thursday, 4 November 2010

Hard Times

I love Dickens.

No, oh filthy-minded readership of mine, I refer to the author Charles, not to any below belt activity.

About six years ago I was living in a part of London called Somers Town. It is where Boz (as I like to call him) lived, and it is mentioned in several of his books. This coincided with a Dickens spree I went on. (Again. No! I merely am refering to reading several of his novels, cover to cover, back to back.)

I'd read of the exploits of Nicholas Nickleby, tales of him walking from Somers Town to the court on the Strand. I'd wander those same streets and wonder what it was like to live in Dickensian London.

Last week I got a little glimpse into that life.

That food poisoning I got in Morocco. Well, a stool sample confirmed it was, in fact, dysentery.

Fucking dysentery.

Luckily it had sorted itself out by the time I got the result.

Now I'm steering well clear of the young cock-er-ney scamps round my flat in case they impishly start to pull ribbons of brightly coloured 'kerchiefs from my waist-coat pocket whilst doffing their top hats and calling me guv'ner.

What is the most Victorian happening that you have encountered of late?


  1. I just about died (and peed my pants...) reading this. You have such a way with words. Can't say I've had any Victorian happening of note, but you made me miss London oh so much in this post. Been following you for a while, but just now making my debut on your comments section. Brilliant post, as always! So, so sorry about your...condition. Glad you're on the mend.

  2. Dysentery. Blimey, guv'ner.

    I wore a corset under my wedding-dress, and found out that yea verily you can not eat, nor slouch, nor unlace your own shoes therein. You can be bolt upright, or lying absolutely flat, and the only efficient way between those two states is to faint, and fall backwards like a felled tree. Does that count?

  3. Um... I think I walked past a Victorian style house last Thursday.

  4. Priceless...

    Nothing Victorian going on in my life; although I realize that the older I get, the more prudish I become. Except that it's really only around people I don't like. I wonder what that means.

  5. Dysentery?!? I honestly didn't think that was a real thing. Much like scurvy and cauliflower ear, I thought it was something imaginary my mother threatened me with as a child. Who knew?!?

  6. heh. I had dysentary in Nigeria - land without toilets. Fun huh?

  7. I saw a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta 2 weeks ago. Does that count? I've been in a few as well, but it's been a few years since that.

  8. I had pleurisy about 2 years ago, and was tested for TB this week...

  9. Dysentery! A word to strike terror, indeed. Glad you recovered. YIKES.

    Victorian vibe sadly lacking in Dublin 9. More of a 1920's sort of theme going on. Dancing at the crossroads, Yeats, saints and scholars, and so on.*

    (* Bit of a lie, unfortunately.)

  10. Dysentery, she thinks in equal measures of sympathy and awe. As my dear husband would say (and this has always struck me as somewhat Victorian): CRUMBS. I do hope that it's left the scene for good.

  11. Depressingly the legal world all too full of Victoriana. Glad the dystenery is banished.

  12. I'm worried I could be one of 'those' readers you refer to.

    Your post reminded me of the (not very Victorian) Dickens Cider commercial...

  13. Vibrator - Victorian - Women - Film - Hysteria


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