Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Round Up

Thank you all so much for making the womb-mate feel so welcome, I know she appreciated every one of your comments. And so did I.

The consensus seems to be not to worry about having an infertile child. (Odd that, considering this consensus was reached by a bunch of infertiles!). And that the wasted two years weren't a waste, everything helps.

As some of you noted, it might well mean that the two of us go through IVF at the same time. Although judging by the delays I've had to endure I'm not counting on anything. (But it would be kinda cool if we did go through it at the same time, and we were both successful ... maybe this is the way to have 'twins' without the risk factor).

And for those of you who were surprised to hear that I had a womb-mate this is the quite remarkable story of our birth. (Well, more specifically my birth, but she has a supporting role).

The Cous Cous Curse/ Tagine Trots/ Moroccan Rock'An'Roll-Around-On-The-Floor-Clutching-My-Stomach is still hanging around. The cramps got so bad at one point I began to wonder if the coil had somehow ruptured in my womb. But the lack of blood has been reassuring.

Talking of which, only one week today until I get uncoiled.

Oh, and a little thing that might interest you. I discovered the cure for infertility whilst on holiday. The teacher on the cooking class told us. Chicken Soup. Simple as. I don't mind telling you I feel like an utter numpty for wasting the last four years with various fertility treatments when the answer was staring at me from the inside of a Campell's Soup can all this time.

You live and learn, eh?


  1. Damn I never knew! My mother's chicken soup is clearly faulty.

  2. Chicken soup for the hole?! Ewwwwww! ;)

  3. Chicken soup - the cure for everything. Should've known. *shakes head*

    You are quite the nickname-er. Tagine Trots, indeed. You may want to see someone though - there's nothing like a foreign parasite to make life more lively.

  4. Hi AYKM, I went to the doctor's today and have to give a stool sample, which as I am sure you can imagine I am relishing!

  5. Oh boy. Stool sample, a phrase to strike utter dread into the heart.
    Get well, WFI, you poor girl.

    (And any womb-mate of yours is a friend of ours, of course.)

  6. Chicken soup? I should have known. Any particular brand? Or home-made?

  7. I guess I know what I'm having for dinner tonight!

  8. You know, my people swear by chicken soup. Seriously. For whatever ails you. I may have to reconsider my stance on it (which is: I love to eat it and I hate to make it).

    Sorry to hear that the Tagine trots are still messing with you:(

    But hurrah for that coil becoming - very shortly - a thing of the past!

  9. It would be so great if you could have IVF together and have "twins"! Or maybe, just have some chicken soup together...

  10. Off to buy stock in Campbell's...


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