Wednesday, 29 September 2010

In Which I Am Highly Inappropriate

Maybe it was the way that the shop had laid out the cards that made me do it. They'd chosen a chronological order; engagement cards, followed by wedding cards, followed by new home and then 'Congratulations on your baby' cards - because as we all know that is exactly how it works.

I'm only stunned they didn't squash the 'Deepest Sympathy' cards against the 'Congratulations on reaching 80' ones.

So I'm perusing the options for my friend's new baby. And somehow none of the cutesy ones with bunnies and booties and bouncing babies did it for me. I'm not fluffy at the best of times and, whilst I am delighted for my friend, if I'd sent any of them it just wouldn't have felt sincere.

I veered off into the humour section. I found a card that made me laugh out loud. I bought it.

In retrospect maybe it isn't the most appropriate one:

If you can't read it it says:

"Where do babies come from? The woman or the man?"
"The stork"
"But who fucks the stork?"
"Good question"

(Card by Cyanide and Happiness (c)

Sure, she might have to hide the card behind the others when her aged relatives come to adore the new baby, but it felt right. And it mentions babies so it is sort of topical.

And I do have a history of giving inappropriate cards.

I got this for the husband to mark our first wedding anniversary:

"This bloke I married in your church turned out to be a fucking waste of space."
"You still got the certificate?"

(card by Modern Toss)

I'm lucky I have some very forgiving friends / spouse.

And they do occasionally get their own back on me.


  1. There is nothing better than an inappropriate card!

  2. Who gives à flying fudge, the cards are awesome!!!

  3. I LOVE the baby card. It is awesome. I think it's the best one I've seen, in fact!

  4. Love the cards!! I would bust out laughing if I got that, and I would definately give it!

  5. HAHA! So funny- I love it! I just bought one that said, "Happy Birthday to my best friend!" "...actually you're my third best friend, but they don't have cards that say that!" hee hee! Love sassy cards!

  6. Ha! Love it! Especially the baby one. I don't do baby cards, in much the same way as I don't do baby showers. But if I did, I'd send one like that.

  7. Those are great. I've often thought there was a gap in the market - Hallmark is just completely stomach-turning. Maybe we should make our own card company - and take over the WORLD, PINKY!

  8. Brilliant!
    I hope your friend appreciates it ;)

  9. Love it!! That's too funny! :)

  10. Personally, I think it's very appropriate. ;-)

  11. Awesome.

    I would have totally bought that one too.

    I got a bunch of sympathy cards for the demise of my ovaries and appendix.

    I think you would fit right in over here.

  12. Why o why don't they sell cards like that in these here United States, land of little irony? (Or, maybe they do but I just haven't found them yet). Both cards are funny but the baby one made the water I was drinking go up my nose. Thanks for that:)


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