Tuesday, 21 September 2010

How Am I Doing?

Do you remember my montage?

I am one month in and I have no doubt you are quite simply gagging to know whether WFI.2 has emerged from the chrysalis of my former self.

Let's break this one down.
  • Acupuncturist
No problems there. The guy is brilliant. Actually, I have no idea how he is as an acupuncturist other than he manages to stick pins in me and it doesn't hurt (which, I discovered after trying to pin a hem the other day, whilst wearing the trousers, is a rare skill). What I particularly like about him is that rather than skinning me for every penny he can make, with appointments every week, I am only having a session every three weeks whilst I'm on a conception hiatus. And he said I could bring the dog with me next time (that's got to be a post by itself).

  • Caffeine
I've had one diet coke. I'm drinking red bush tea like its the real thing. I've hardly had a cup of tea since July 2009 - this one is a piece of piss (which coincidentally is exactly how most herbal teas taste).
  • Booze
Not complete abstinence, anyone who read this post must have realised that was going to be tough. But we are talking one drink on a special occasion. A champagne cocktail at the top of the Gherkin with my cousins. A wee snifter at my bosses' leaving do. A glass of wine to help me through a particularly awkward social event. But, I promise you, no more than one glass a week. And I've got to keep my liver exercised, talking of which...
  • Gym
I am officially a Gym bunny.

Four times a week!


After first three weeks I'd lost no weight, and I kept having to repeat the mantra "it is about health not scales, health not scales". However finally, this week I managed to skim off a profoundly unimpressive 3 pounds (yes, fine in one week but that is 3 pounds in a month). Pathetic - I'll lose more than that on the Euro millions this weekend (£23million Jackpot, how many rounds of IVF do you reckon that'd cover?).
  • Vitamins
This is a fail, which is ridiculous because it is by far the easiest thing to do. But I do have an excuse. Have you read the instructions on the package of preconception vitamins? Allow me to quote - "Use [insert brand name here] as soon as you start trying for a baby ... it can even be used up to 3 months before you start to try for a baby." This panicked me. Can I overdose on vitamins? And what if I take them for three months and then don't get pregnant for another, oh, let's pluck a time period out of the air ... four years. I have been taking these pills on and off for almost half a decade (does that sound dramatic enough?) so I actually decided to give my body a break. I'll start the pills in October - hopefully three months before I have IVF.

So as far as my montage goes, I reckon I've hit the rousing chorus bit.


  1. Every time I stop taking the prenatal vitamins, my hair falls out and my nails get brittle. I'm going to keep taking them for a while... Also, I refuse to give up caffeine.

    Sounds like you're doing great, actually.

  2. I am thoroughly, permanently, caffeinated. I give it up every time I ovulate, and spend a week wrestling myself to the ground every half-hour shouting 'leave it, May! He/she/it's not worth it!' while the object of my inexplicable wrath backs away, grey with terror.


    Perhaps I should just give it up properly.

    Am also keen vitamin taker. And fish-oil taker. And herbal tea drinker. Oh, and I recently didn't take my fish-oil for two weeks and the tips of all my fingers have split. Gah. Ow. So am vitamin-taking fan-girl.

    *Sings chorus rousingly, and does that popping up and waving and fist-pumping gestures thing bit-part characters do as the heroine runs past, sweating attractively*

  3. Nice job! Especially with the gym. That has got to be the hardest. Well, maybe the booze. Either way, I think you are on the right track.

  4. Wow! I bow down to the impressiveness of all of this, especially the gym 4 times in a week. As far as I know - if you take more vitamins than you technically need, you just piss them out anyway.

  5. Go you!
    That there is dedication for you.
    The booze tally alone is impressive. I shan't mention taht I'm on holidays and my self-imposed abstinence is also on holidays...

    AS for the vitamins, why do they make preconception / prg vitamins so enormously huge. I used to gag on them.

  6. I'd say you're doing brilliantly. And you're showing me just how much better I could be doing, too (she says as she takes a sip of her wine).

    But swallow those vitamins without compunction. You can't overdose unless you're taking more than the daily dosage. I think they recommend taking for at least three months before pregnancy so that the folic acid can build up.

  7. [Sings] Getting stronger! Getting stronger now!

    (I really like those particular prenatal vitamins (like the ones you sent me). They don't seem to make me wolfishly hungry, like other vitamins, and seem to keep me sort of lively. Well, alive, anyway. Let's not get carried away.)

  8. Good for you! You are doing far better than I am with setting and keeping goals. I'm actually the worst when it comes to vitamins, too. You'd think it would be so easy to remember to take ONE pill a day, and I don't. I keep thinking I should get one of those old lady pill boxes to help me remember.

  9. I stopped taking prenatals because it gave me a funny metalic taste in my mouth. So I quit those and I'm taking chewable children's vitamins. I am with you on the lottery! I asked my hubby the other day how many IVF's we could afford if we one the Michigan Lottery of $135 million! You are being a saint with the booze. Not that I'm a boozehound, but since I'm on bc's this month I have found it nice to have the freedom to share a bottle of wine with a friend and sleep it off the next day.

  10. You're doing amazingly. Will make it so much easier for you to continue being angelic when you are pregnant! (yes, I'm
    sure you will be). I read something in the zita west book about eggs needing vitamin a to grow well so when we were trying (for a long time also), I took normal vitamin supplements till ov and then moved to prenatals. Who knows if it made any difference whatsoever but it made me feel better trying!

  11. Impressive! On the vitamin front the only crucial one is folic acid and as most prenatal made me feel icky I focused on that. I also decided that one cup of coffee day was crucial for mental wellbeing and redbush tea is frankly cruel and unusual punishment.

  12. Wow! Super-impressed by the gym dedication! You rock!
    So ... whaddaya think the acupuncurist plans to do for the dog?

  13. Sounds like you are doing great! I would really be a mess without caffeine..whew. Good for you!

  14. I think the three months thing is because that's how long most of the vitamins in any vitamin supplements take to build up to a point where they are actually making any difference. I remember finding out that it was what I thought was an astonishingly long time well before any thoughts of conception/ pregnancy vitamin sups had crossed my mind anyway. They can't write explicitly write that as then they'd miss out a bit on the revenue of people who suddenly rush out and buy them when they find out they are pregnant, as for the first three months they are essentially paying extra for the folic acid in a very large pill format (they really are very large pills, I agree). Of course, that's the important one, so no particular harm done. I found I didn't get the colds I was promised, which I put down to my vitamins supplements, and which was therefore worth the money as having a cold when you can't dose yourself on Lemsip is a terrible thing.

    Anyway. Hello, by the way. I am delurking.

  15. Wow! Sounds like you're doing brilliantly!

    With regard to the vitamins, I don't think you can overdose on them unless you take more than the recommended daily dose. I took them religiously every day for years - but more to make me feel that I was doing something positive on the whole baby-making front. But I can also completely understand your feeling that you would like to take a break from taking them - given your super-healthy lifestyle, it sounds like you'll be getting all the nutrients you need from your diet anyway!


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