Thursday, 9 September 2010

Happy New Year?

Back in the day I use to spent my down-time calculating when my baby would be born if I got pregnant that month. Now I seem to spend hours working out when I will next get a chance to even conceive.

I am currently one month into my three month coil sentence.

It'll be removed on the third of November, at which time I'll also have a biopsy to work out whether it has done its job.

I have just got through the date for the follow up appointment when I'll get the biopsy result and discover if I've got the go ahead for IVF.

This is where it gets complicated.

And where I start using the word 'if' a lot.

I should get the results of the biopsy at my appointment on the 17th of November.

If I get the all clear I should be starting IVF.

If this happens I'll be put on (more) birth control for a month. Standard practice, and I checked - the three months on the coil doesn't count.

If I start the birth control immediately my month will end on the 15th of December.

At this point I should start the drugs that'll stimulate my ovaries to pop out some nice ripe eggs. I'll take these drugs for a couple of weeks and if I respond appropriately my eggs will be ripe for the plucking on, let me look at my calendar, the 29th of December.

And therein lies the problem.

The Reproductive Medicine Unit doesn't open between Christmas and New Year. So there we go, there will be another slight delay if I do get the go ahead.

This shouldn't be a surprise.

Remember last January when I thought it'd happen in March?

Or in March when I was told to expect IVF in June.

Or in July when I though I was about to start IVF.

It is safe to assume 2010 is a reproductive write-off, I just hope 2011 isn't.


  1. Sigh. Waiting is most unpleasant. But, I hope they'll just give you drugs according to their schedule and you'll be raring to go in January.

  2. Hoping 2011 is your year. Waiting sucks.

  3. I do the same thing, I count the months to see when I will have "the baby" if by chance I get pregnant to see when my possible due date would be. I'm so sorry that 2010 has been a write off, but I am praying for you that 2011 will be the year for you to conceive. Sorry that you have to wait. ((((Hugs))))

  4. Waiting sucks. I always count the months, work out what my due date would be. Why do we do it to ourselves?!
    Hope the wait is not too long for you. X

  5. Uggh. I still know in my head the date 9 months ahead even now I am done. Hoping 2011 is the year for you.

  6. I hate those hiatus dates. It seems that every clinic takes them and, yes, I know those doctors and nurses are entitled to celebrate Christmas, too...but it does throw such a spanner into the (already complicated) works.

    I'm with Are you kidding me. I hope they just let you stay on the Pill two weeks more, so that you can start right after the New Year. And that said New Year brings something very nice...round about September.

  7. I do the very same thing. I think to myself - if we go home in November, if I see the gynae as soon as we get home, if she says all is OK... and then I get stuck, cos everything isn't OK. Sigh.
    I'm sorry 2010 has been a write-off for you too. x

  8. Yuck. Waiting is the worst - time flies when it should slow down and drips like treacle when you need it to get a move on, doesn't it?

    2011 has a nice lucky ring about it, though! Bring on the good times, I say.

  9. So sorry that you are going to have to experience yet more delays and frustration. May 2011 be your year!

  10. Ugh... I do this kind of math all the time, too. Of course, I don't have as shitty a situation to wait through as you do. Here's hoping 2011 will get you good and knocked up.

  11. All the ifs and the waiting...certainly not easy, but 2011 sounds promising. It's a long process, but you're on the right path, so hopefully all of these ifs will be resolved in the new year.

  12. WHY do they close??? EVER??? As if this isn't hard enough ...
    It makes no sense to me. :(


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