Thursday, 23 September 2010

Coming soon to a small screen near you ...

I don't normally nick content, or post you tube clips, but this was too perfect to ignore (it gets relevant from about 50 seconds in):

I am hoping for naming royalties of course.


  1. Nice...I hope you get the naming royalties too!

  2. OMG. I had a little fantasy at the end that that was your tv jingle and that you had your own show.

  3. Funny! I could totally see some crazy fertile doing that stuff under the idea "Well, I don't want to have an ugly baby!"

  4. Damn, I wish I could view videos...I am on dial up.


    (Still trying to make it go viral, because it's all about MEEEE).

    And, damn it, but there was this FEMALE in a cafe last week, watermelon-up-her-frock, complaining that the baybee had inherited her husband's nose and making jokes about 18th birthday rhinoplasty. If he was the man sitting next to her looking POed, well, yes, his nose was large, but didn't make him unhandsome. I mean, he'd pulled HER, hadn't he? Oh. I see. Quite.

  6. *falls off the sofa in a crumpled heap of giggles*


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