Sunday, 29 August 2010

This Time It's Personal

I have a love/hate relationship with the gym. The gym loves me because I am one of these suckers who will pay a monthly subscription in the vain, misguided belief that they will use it, whilst not actually cluttering up its posh facilities with their sweat drenched bodies. And I hate the gym.

I do go through phases, last year after joining for a good few months I would engineer whole conversations at work so that I could casually drop into conversation the phrase: "when I was at the gym this morning." I found myself feeling fitter, looking better and thought maybe I had thus gym thing cracked.

But winter, IUI failures and general apathy pretty quickly broke that habit. So now I am starting again.

All last week I tried to get myself motivated, but I just wasn't feeling it.

So what is the solution?

Answer: To throw even more money at the problem.

This weekend I had my first personal training session, and unlike the freebie I got last year I'm actually paying hard cash for this. I have signed up for one session a week for four months. Timed to finish when I should (and who knows if I ever will) be having IVF.

The trainer was a nice guy, very encouraging. Although I am sure I saw a little part of him die behind the eyes when I had to stop my abs exercises because I genuinely thought I was going to faint and or throw up. I blame the progesterone (naturally it was nothing to do with my stomach muscles rebelling after being untroubled for the last 34 years).

He asked me how often I planned going to the gym. Twice a week I thought was achievable, twice a week is the goal I have set myself, twice a week should be ok. So why on earth did I find myself airily saying, "Oh, probably about three times a week"? To which he replied, "Yeah, three or four times a week is about right".

I wonder if this will enable me to achieve a life-long ambition of flat abs just before I achieve my other long-held aim of pregnancy.

Or maybe I'll get neither.


  1. Go for a 6-pack and then turn it into a keg over 9 months :)

  2. I just like to remind myself that it is virtually impossible for me to have flat abs - it's genetics.

    (But I do have rather strong abs, because I've been working on them for 15 years. They've never been flat though. Sigh.)

  3. I feel for you! I also have a very difficult and often nonexistent relationship with the gym. Hopefully this personal trainer will encourage you to continue. On Youtube there is a video called 7 minutes ab - it's a very 80s workout, but it's not too bad and you can do it at home.

  4. Oh man. The way you have to keep at exercise, again and again, all the TIME, such a pain. Worse than housework.
    I have a gym membership - sadly neglected, it is, since I started to do Couch to 5K - and I swear, it's really not bad. 20 mins three times a week and Bob's your uncle. The gym was just ate into my resting time too much. So if the personal trainer doesn't take..

  5. I think it's a good move, actually. If you're half as cheap as I am you'll keep those appointments with a vengeance...and that might just get you into the habit of that second time per week...but, oh, I sighed in both recognition and admiration when you said the magic word "three". This has always been my intention, every time I've joined a gym. And I think I've blown it every time.

  6. or maybe both! For a couple of weeks. Then you'll get preggers and have to start all over in a year. I hate the gym.

  7. Nice plan, Circus Princess

    I'm pretty sure it is impossible for me to have flat abs too, areyoukiddingme, but then I'm starting to think it is impossible for me to get pregnant. No harm in trying though.

    The Cat Lady, I can't even get up by myself today so I reckon the DIY abs will have to wait!

    I've tried running in London, Twangy, but I hate it. I have to keep stopping to cross roads that completely throws me (and I am sure I am inhaling all sorts of nasties) - well they are my excuses.

    Adele, I can pretty much guarentee I am twice as tight as you are. I will never stand up my personal trainer (and hopefully I'll feel shamed into going more by myself)

    That is the plan Stacey, but who knows...

  8. Oh yes. Now I think about it, if the traffic is anything like the quiet country lane that is Farringdon St, I can see the attraction of Mr Personal Trainer. Just hope he's not too.. springy, know what I mean?


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