Thursday, 26 August 2010

This Is Getting Boring Now

To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin:

Periods are like fish, great at first but after three days they start to smell.

I mean that metaphorically of course.

I have had the coil in for a fortnight now and those two weeks have been one constant period. Not heavy, but a light continuous seepage. It is like some kind of Japanese water torture instrument. Constant and painful.

Rationally I know that this has got to be good news. Presumably I am shifting the abnormal womb lining which is encouraging for November's biopsy which will hopefully show up a womb-lining thinner than Victoria Beckham and fitter than David.

But it is slightly concerning, surely there can't be much left up there? I'm starting to wonder if the coil has tapped into a main artery by mistake.

On balance though, apart from the cramps, I don't feel too bad. Especially considering I am taking a double dose of a progesterone pill as well. There are a lot of hormones racing round my body so technically I have every excuse for a major dose of PMT - in fact I might just go and shout at the husband now, just for the hell of it.

It's medical, he can't touch me for it.


  1. The bleeding does sound like torture, and to be jacked up on prog for that long? You could get away with murder with that level of crazy. Not that I recommend that.

    I am now googlin.g the coil to see what sort of torture device they've got up the hoohoo for you. I imagine it looks like one of those cocktail strainers you have when you make an excellent martini. Which, by the way, I fully recommend to ease the discomfort if the red drip going on. My thoughts are with you and hope that this bit ends soon and does IRS job perfectly.

  2. Ugh. IRS = it's in my auto correct in case that's especially confusing.

  3. Um, sorry to say this, but I've seen about the blogosphere that that kind of thing can continue for quite a while...

  4. As long as it's doing its job, but you poor thing!! Go pour yourself a tall drink of your preference and be a little mean to the hubbie, you're allowed!

  5. Some women bleed for months with the coil - it is alas very normal (She said cheerfully and reassuringly). Under which circumstance, you can always look forward to taking a chain-saw to work with you.

    Fingers crossed it all just bloody WORKS this time (see what I did there? Bloody? Oh, well, I'll get my coat).

  6. That does sound like torture. No fun. Hoping for the best though. Use those hormones to your advantage while you can. ;)

  7. I am starting to think perhaps my husband fitted me with a coil in my sleep... I'm on day 21 of "the drip." However, I will take that any day over a double (or even single) dose of progesterone... it is referred to in our house as the devil drug.

  8. I bled on and off for about 4 months or so with mine... 6 years ago now... Hope yours settles down and behaves itself pronto!
    But surely if your lining was thinner than Victoria Beckham it'd be non-existent? She's virtually indistinguishable from a toothpick as it is...
    Like the David Beckham analogy though...

  9. I hope this stops soon, sounds horrible.

  10. Sounds horrible and tiring - poor you. But yes, I suppose the thing is that it is shifting the abnormal womb lining.
    Good, glad we got that clear.)

    Glad you are not feeling as bad as you might have feared though. That's good.

  11. yeaouch!
    On the ups side, that must be all the thick lining seeping away.

  12. Do you get dizzy on the progesterone? I just started it four days ago and it seems like I get dizzy for at least an hour every day. It's very disconcerting.

  13. Two weeks of seepage is terrible. I'm so sorry - the worst is when there's no end to something like that and I hope you don't need to deal with it much longer. When I was on The Patch (terrible thing) I had a similar experience - 3 solid weeks of it. I nearly lost my mind. BUT I'm glad you're feeling good otherwise. (And seems only fair that everything now goes with text-book precision from here to bebe).

  14. UGH, I am so sorry you have to go through this. Not fun - although I hope the seepage gives you some reassurance that you're getting rid of whatever is preventing you from getting pregnant. Yes, have a drink and a little animosity towards hubs is definitely understandable.

  15. Man, two weeks of bleeding is just so uncomfortable! I'm sorry.

    I hope that crap clears up soon.


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