Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Smear and a Twang

I had a smear test today.

The nurse was in and out quicker than a virgin on prom night; I resisted the temptation to ask if that was it.

A quick, painless, scrape of my cervix and I was back at work before you could say "That was an abnormally long lunch break."

Do you remember when smear tests were something to be dreaded, put off until you got three or four reminders, and were accompanied by debates about what to wear and worry that the nurse might think your lady bits look 'funny'? (Come on, we've all wondered if it is supposed to look like that. Haven't we?)

Today it felt like a bit of light relief compared to the double-handed foraging that I normally associate with internal examinations.

But what was it that really put the spring back in my step?

Tonight I met up with Twangy Pearl, the Elastic Girl. She was in town for family shenanigans so I took the opportunity to steal her away for a wee drink. She was lovely, and just what I imagined (except, much as I love all her drawings and think she is incredibly talented, she really doesn't do herself justice in her self-portraits).

Internet friends for the win!*

*Although real life friends don't feel abandoned - I love you too.


  1. totally agree! Internet support friends rock! I just met one of my own a few weeks ago and I'm flying from VA to chicago to meet two others! (big step- kinda crazy I know!!) but I'm super excited!


  2. *kicks dirt* when are we playing ping pong? x

  3. You're absolutely right about pelvic exams being a Big Deal (back in the Dark Ages). How times have changed, but here's hoping that one day very soon we'll be able to move back to that showing-of-ladybits-to-science on a more exclusive basis. Love to Twangy!!

  4. How odd - I had my annual exam today too. It was like nothing...

    I think the most interesting part was when my doctor and I had a discussion on how I keep "forgetting" to get mammograms. I made him laugh, although he still gave me a new prescription. Who knows? Maybe 3rd time will be the charm.

  5. Yay for the quick smear test (always reminded of an episode of "jame and Jerusalem" when I hear that word).
    and so jealous about the meetup... you know you are both welcome to come and see me when you are in Oz.

  6. Yeah, it's funny how smear tests seem minor when you've had years of medics rummaging around your lady parts.

    And yay for meeting Twangy! The only blogger I have met in real life so far is Marie from Diary of a Miracle. Such a lovely lady. I'll have to get myself on a plane to London one of these weekends and meet up with some of you Blighty bloggers.

  7. Haha, I hear you on the pap now being one of the easiest and least painful internal procedures we have to endure.

  8. Hollow laugh. My second cervix remains unscraped 6 months later, because IT HID!

    Have been emailing Twangy about a meet-up, but she's obviously already left home! Email me her mobile number if you have it? Pretty please?

  9. Never mind! Contact made!

  10. "Double-handed foraging" You truly have a way with words! And a simple pap smear really seems like nothing, doesn't it?

  11. Hello WFI, I found you via Caroline, No. I just read your bulleted list, on the "About Me" page, and I think we can be friends. Hopefully in a nice, blogger compatriot fashion, rather than a strange stalkerish one. I shall be returning for further visits, and have my fingers crossed for you on this insemination adventure!


  12. Oh man, I almost forgot pap smears existed and how anxious they used to make me...

    Seems so funny now.

    Glad you had a nice time with your internet friend!

  13. Wow Christina, that is a big step - hope it is fun.

    I've emailed you, Caroline, No. let's do this said...

    T & I did talk about you Adele (only nice stuff natch)

    Areyoukiddingme, making a doctor laugh whilst mid internal is a rare and valuable skill.

    deardarl, send us the flight tickets and we'll be there!

    Oh Jane G, I would LOVE to meet you for reals.

    Circus Princess said...
    Haha, I hear you on the pap now being one of the easiest and least painful internal procedures we have to endure.

    Well if you will have a profusion of cervii (I'm guessing that is the plural) HFF, glad you caught up with Twangy.

    Seriously, Finch, compared to what we have to go through it really is a mere tickle.

    Hi Poppy, any friend of Ms. No is a friend of mine! Welcome

    I know, Kelly, odd innit?

  14. Oooh, thanks! but that was what I was going to say about YOU. It was so much fun to meet you. And the dog. Such a very mannerly, elegant dog. Highly recommended, this WFI crew. Very cheering! Hey, you could be professional meeters! Like that Indian woman who does the hugging.

    Good news on the new-found immunity to smear embarrassment. Yes. Absolutely a non-event, these days. Pfft!

  15. You were going to say MY self-portrait weren't very flattering, Twangy?


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