Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Time For My Close Up - Hysteroscopy Number 2

Today I had a tour round my uterus.

Whilst doing the hysteroscopy the consultant turned the monitor round and told me what I was seeing through the teeny-tiny camera that he was wiggling so far up me he almost reached my gag reflex.

He pointed out the entry of each fallopian tube. He found a polyp that looked a bit like that dangly thing at the back of your throat, but he wasn't concerned; apparently it is unlikely to interfere with implantation and so he left it hanging there. He took his pound of flesh from the womb-lining for a biopsy but, encouragingly, said that it all looked healthy and last time he'd been able to see immediately that it wasn't up to scratch (that was when he discovered the endometrial hyperplasia).

So I'll call in a week for the results but hopefully it will be clear. Now when do I have to call, in a week, which would be ... ah yes, the 14 of July. An auspicious date...

Whilst he was up there he threw in an optional extra, and I got my mock embryo transfer. Which essentially consisted of him putting a catheter in and squeezing out a bit of liquid. Very quick, very easy, barely noticeable (in comparison to the steel speculum that was winching me open at the time and distracting me from anything else that was going on).

I managed to remember to pop a couple of the strongest pain killers I could find before the appointment. As a result I was slightly monged. So my drug addled brain couldn't cope when the consultant asked me why I was having IVF. I just gaped at him, lost for words. Why the fuck did he think I was having IVF?! It was only after he explained that I realised what he actually meant was "Have you been diagnosed with a specific reason for infertility or is it unexplained?"

Still, other than turning me into an imbecile, they did the trick and I didn't find the procedures any more painful than middling period pains. Significantly better than last time, although as the evening wears on I am getting more and more uncomfortable.

All being well that was the last test and now I'm on the downward slide towards IVF. Which is all good.


  1. Fingers crossed! Things are moving! xx

  2. I'm slightly horrified...they knocked me out completely for my hysteroscopy! I can't imagine being awake for that. You're very brave.

    Hope the downward slide is smooth and easy...

  3. Slide, slide, slide! I'm glad you had the magic pills. And I'd have been similarly speechless with the IVF question. "Oh, you know...we thought we'd do it for kicks...see how the other half lives."

    It sounds like things checked out beautifully, and if the tech sounded confident I'd take that as a good sign (I know that they clam up with depressing speed when they see something bad).

    14 July, eh? I'm hoping for a very good birthday indeed.

  4. Yes, one of those slip and slide things they have in hot countries - wheeee! Will be here before you know it.

    Fingers crossed.

    ("monged" is new on me, I am adopting it).

  5. Hooray. Bring on July 14.

  6. Smart move on the pre-appointment pain med application. ;) I'm happy to hear that all went well and that you got a bonus mock to boot. Here's hoping for nothing but good news on 7/14!

  7. "Why are you doing IVF" would have struck me as an odd question even without the help of drugs. And I'm impressed that you did this without anesthesia. One of my doctors suggested to do a hysteroscopy, but so far I haven't moved towards it...
    Hope the sliding goes well and quickly!

  8. I'm glad things looked good at the appointment. Hopefully all will be well when you call in on your birthday!

  9. So glad to hear that everything looked good in there, and that you're moving forward. And I agree with those who've already said how brave you were for having the thing done while awake - they knocked me out completely for mine.

    Take care of yourself and give yourself time to recover from the procedure. xx

  10. Ooh, nice tidy insides. Excellent. You brave and noble soldier, you.

  11. Outstanding! So close and so near! I was awake for mine too, although I took so many pain killers beforehand. And then I still had a "poor me, don't you feel sorry for me?" face the rest of the day.

  12. Good stuff. Another step closer...

  13. Good luck my dear and your previous post on The Sex had me in stitches.

    I had rem going for a check up after a miscarriage to make sure everything was out and the so-sympathetic doctor, in a bid to make conversation, asked 'how far pregnant should you be now?'!!!! Some things they say really do stop you in your tracks.

  14. IVF, here you come! It's so exciting, it's getting so close! Congrats on the happy uterus! :)

    When I was miscarrying last time I went in for an u/s to see if I had miscarried on my own or if they were going to have to do something medically. When the RN took us into the exam room, she seemed kind of annoyed and said, "Well, I don't know why they scheduled you so early, it's too soon to really see that baby yet." I couldn't think of anything to say ... fortunately hubby was there and he took over...


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