Monday, 28 June 2010

That'll be cycle day one then

You wouldn't necessarily expect an infertile, such as myself, to be delighted when her period arrives. But when your cycle has notched up an impressive 59 days quite frankly it is just a relief to get a sign that you aren't dead from the waist down (no sex gags Liz, bite your tongue).

I was starting to get worried, as it had been a week since my last Provera pill. Last time I took Provera it didn't work and I was put on birth control for six months. And nobody wants that (and when I say nobody, I specifically mean *I* don't want that).

But with its trade mark punch-in-the-guts entry, combined with a dose of inexplicable melancholy my period has arrived. I have reset the P tracker and am on course for a nice clear womb for next week's hysteroscopy.

In other news I am expecting a kick-back from the German and Ghanaian an team for my sterling work in ensuring that neither England or US progressed any further in the World Cup. Thank fuck this blog is anonymous or I'd be unable to leave the house without protection.


  1. 59 days.. At least you've saved some £££'s. Spend them on a nice bottle of red!

    I am so glad England are on their way home. Someone a few doors down has a vuvuzela. I was about ready to go stick it up his arse.

    Refering to my last comment:
    Inlaws + sold house yesterday + house secured in Slovenia last week = 2 less England supporters!

  2. Only good news for you then.

    And you must be a football witch, because your wishes were granted. ;-)

  3. At last, great, excellent, also, isn't it a bit of a mind-bender, being all 'hurrah, my period has started!'? Or is that just me?

    Good luck with the hysteroscopy. Will think of you.

    (England were being so very embarrassingly pants I'm very glad they lost. No, you can't win an international football tornament by having a lot of drunk fans plastering their cars with flags and yelling. You actually have to be good at football. HAH).

  4. Congrats on CD1. Or at least on being able to move forward. Best of luck on the hysteroscopy. I'll be sending good thoughts.

  5. Ah, hysteroscopy...what fun. If nothing else, it's good for a nap. Congratulations(?) on CD1 - it's like progress or something.

  6. Glad to hear that you are on the right track so that you can continue your journey. Wishing you nothing but the BEST!

    I'm a bit of a World Cup jinx. Each team I have supported thus far has been eliminated. After reading your post, I threw my support behind England and they got ousted, so I will take a little credit for their exit.

  7. Admiring your self-control with the rude jokes! Sympathies that you are feeling down. Isn't that the worst?

    But all systems go for next week, and that is GOOD. Onward!

  8. I am doing a little happy-dance for the arrival of your period! If you couldn't have been pregnant then I'm so very glad your uterus decided to let go.

    Good luck for the upcoming hysteroscopy.

  9. Glad your junk's all in working order!

  10. Hi honey, deary me ur having a time of it arent you. I have a lot to catch up on with ur story,Good Luk for ur hysteroscopy ! xx

  11. I was highly impressed by your ability to thwart both English and American hopes, and while my husband is in mourning (and sat around all day in his Stevie. G jersey nursing a beer and mumbling incomprehensibly) I, for one, am mightily grateful.

    But, 59 days:( Skyscrapers go up in less time, and I can imagine that you were about at your wit's end with it. Glad it showed, though. And I am thinking very good thoughts for an all clear on your hysteroscopy. It really looks like things are moving now, and while all the individual steps are a bit dizzying the direction is GOOD.


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