Thursday, 10 June 2010

So ... what now?

How do you do this blogging thing again?

I know, I’ll ease in with a simple multiple-choice question.

When you have been waiting three months for an appointment whose whole purpose is to go through your test results, do you expect:

a) To have all your tests results back, go through them in a thorough manner and be given your protocol for the long awaited IVF.

b) To go through your test results find there are a few anomalies that you need to check through, discover there is a delay to IVF

c) An answer phone message at 6pm the day before the appointment saying that it has been cancelled.

Those of you who answered C: congratulations!

Yup, I found out yesterday that my appointment has been ‘postponed’; no reason, just an apology for the late notice and a promise they’ll get back to me with a new appointment when they can. Leaving me with a profound sense of disappointment and anti-climax, (and as a measure of just how deflated I am, I can’t even be bothered to make a sex gag at this juncture).

It was inevitable really. It seems every appointment I have had has been tarnished with some kind of delay or mix up.

I thought I knew what this one was.

In May I got a letter inviting me for another hysteroscopy, part of the battery of tests I'd been promised. I called for the next available appointment and it wasn’t until the 7th of July. Thereby managing to postdate the appointment when I was supposed to get the hysteroscopy result by a month. Which is a pretty impressive fuck up.

But this was clearly not spectacular enough. Hence yesterday’s message.

What now? Who knows? I’ll call the hospital again, try to rearrange – and hope that I don’t have to wait another eleven weeks for the appointment.

This baby-making business is hard work, innit?


  1. Great to hear from you albeit not with an update I was wishing so much for.
    I can actually believe the cheek of Answer C. Our countrys' medical system to a T don't you think?

    Fingers tightly crossed there's no long wait for the next appt.

  2. spooky.......The last time I peeked my head into the world of blogging you were signing off for awhile. Then tonight, I just felt it time to have a quick peek again at everyones business to find you had just posted a few hours ago........spooky

    Nice to read your thoughts again lol

  3. Oh no, how infuriating for you! Grr. That's pretty crap - not even an explanation?

    Keep ringing. It's a matter of who gives in first, in these cases. Be annoying, is the only way.

  4. Damn. And very frustrating. As if waiting three months isn't enough. My hope would be that they'd give you priority for an early consultation. It's time, already, to get this show moving and very annoying when the emcee is messing around behind stage somewhere.

    I'm glad you're back, though. There's time for those sex gags to come (and I'll resist that one). We've missed you.

  5. Glad that you're back, but the cancelled appointment is totally ridiculous! Fine if they had to cancel the appointment, but they should have at least given you the next available date, meaning tomorrow! Hang in there and hopefully the clinic can rectify this problem asap.

  6. Oh Whatthefuck?! I'm sorry, love. Thats just not cool.

    I am glad to have you back though.

  7. I get irritable if I have to wait a month for an appointment! Three months plus a rescheduling would send me around the bend. How incredibly frustrating.

    I hope they can get you in quickly, and that Option A will be the protocol.

  8. I'm so sorry. So unfair and so frustrating. Don't they realize that baby-making is your number one priority and therefore should be theirs, too?! Ugh...infuriating. Hoping you can reschedule and get started soon.

  9. So glad you're back! Not so glad for the other stuff... WTF with such a late cancellation??? Usually when doctor's need to reschedule, their little assistant person will be asking if you can come in the following Monday or something. I really hope they get you in soon.

  10. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about their total fuck up. How deflating...

    It was great to see a post from you, though!

  11. I've missed you. Damn appointment as well. I am sorry that it's more on hold. Especially since you were within hours of getting in there. Ugh.

  12. i'm so sorry. i really know how rubbish it is having these disappointments on top of everything else. it seems like they have no thoughts for feelings...i remember being so angry when our appointments were changed too and being left in limbo is the worst. i have my fingers crossed that things will look up for you soon. (i have lurked for a while but thought i'd not be shy today!) x

  13. Oh, that is so unbelievably frustrating! I'm glad you popped back in for an update, though. You've been missed. I also like the new look.

  14. Where's Eunice when you need her?
    So sorry that you've had to suffer through such repeated fuckupery.

  15. Hi Carolyne, good to hear from you soon - I've just seen your latest post, which also says volumes about the customer service in this country.

    Its like a mind meld, PiB, or something!

    I've been calling till my dialing finger aches, Twangy

    Don't worry Adele, I managed to squeeze a sex gag into the latest post.

    Hey, Cat Lady, thanks for the comment whilst I was off - you're on the list!

    No Sarah, that's definately NOT cool.

    I'm hoping that too Areyoukiddingme, just not holding my breath (3 months is quite a long time for holding my breath).

    Incredibly frustrating, AplusB, I think by the end of this they'll get my priorities!

    Busted Kate, unfortunately their little assistnat person doesn't seem to be very forth coming.

    Cheers Kelly, trying to puff up again.

    I know, Misfits, so near and yet so far.

    Hi Kelly, thanks for not being shy. Love the photos on your blog btw.

    Or Grrrr, Xbox

    Thanks for noticing the new look Stickles, I think you were the only one.

    Fuckers indeed Barb

    Eunice isn't answering her phone Amanda, I'll get there.

  16. That is absolute shit - must have been so disappointing, but it's good you have another appointment so quickly. Hopefully the wait will be worth it - good luck with the results!


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