Thursday, 1 April 2010

Easter Eggs

"I'll be back in a minute, you just make yourself comfortable" the pretty blond said with a coy backwards glance as she left the room.

Before you could say ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome I had whipped off every item of clothing from the waist down and was lounging on the couch. It was only then that I started to wonder if I had misread the situation, if maybe I was being too keen.

If she was surprised at my eagerness when she returned then, ever the professional, she didn't show it. And in a brisk business-like manner she flicked a condom on the eye-watering dildo and set about her business.

Today, I wasn't reenacting one of the husband's lesbian fantasies, but having my baseline scan with added 'is your womb still in good shape'.

At the start of the appointment, when I did the normal recap of my womb and how it needs improving, she asked, "So has your womb lining always been thick?". "Er ... I don't know, it wasn't anything that was really looked at before I tried to conceive." But after that blip the doctor was lovely.

My womb lining is measuring in at a mere 5mm. At its peak (depth?) last year it was 19mm. So it doesn't look like the endometrial hyperplasia is growing back. Which is fantastic news.

And "That's a lovely clear picture of your uterus." She proudly showed me her screen with the air of a master craftsman having perfected her art.

"And look", she showed a slight dip at the top of my uterus "You have a arcuate uterus ." (Be assured, I have spent half the day googling this, it is the most common of uterine abnormalities and doesn't seem to have any affect on fertility).

She excitedly talked me through everything she could see - plenty of follicles, 17 on the right ovary and 22 on the left (at this stage in my cycle you'd expect to see 10 - 20 follicles one of which will shine through in time for ovulation). She gave me time, clear information and a shed-load of positivity.

As I left I wished her a Happy Easter and she said she hoped she'd see me again ... for a 12 week scan.

I really, really liked her.


  1. Those follie counts are amazing!

    Here's hoping you'll get to see the same tech for your 12 week appointment soon :-)

  2. Sounds like a good appointment, all in all! (Super relived to hear that endometrial hyperplasia is out of the picture!) And OMG you are totally having a follicle party in there! :)

  3. Holy follicle count, batman! Sounds like a great appointment.

  4. Ooh goody! This is exciting.

  5. I think this calls for gratuitious smileys :) :) :)

  6. Hi sorry only just started following but that sounds like fantastic news :D Good luck!

  7. That is a half-ton of follicles! That's wonderful. And it always makes you feel better to be told that things look good - even if an eye-watering dildo cam is necessary to confirm this:)

  8. Loads of follicles! How exciting--keep up the good work! lol Have a great weekend!

  9. This all sounds great! Much luck

  10. What an awesome lesbian sex goddess... I mean fertility nurse! Congratulations on the great news.

  11. Happy Easter. :) Sorry I'm so lame.

  12. That all sounds great. Sorry I have not been commenting much of late, but I have been keeping an eye on your posts.

  13. That is great! So glad that the appt went well :)

  14. Yeah Al, but they'll go down again - but it is nice to know they are there should I need them.

    Cheers Trinity, I was dreading being told I'd have to have another six months of the coil.

    It was a big relief Lost in Space, but I've still got a long way to go before I put them to good use.

    Thanks Twangy, it is a good start ...

    Corymbia, I know you are only doing the smileys to annoy me, but I can take it. ;-) (you have no idea how much it pained me to do that).

    Welcome Hayley, always good to see new faces.

    Ta Rebecca

    It isn't a bad count is it Adele, they'll all go again, but even so.

    Ta Jericho, hope you had a good one too

    Thanks Kelly, although I'm not expecting much this month.

    Just how I like my nurses Leslie

    Happy easter to you too Barb, though I can't work out why you are lame.

    No need to explain Jane, you've had a lot to deal with over the last year

    Ta liberalgranolagirl

  15. Great news that your womb lining is looking good! Let's toast to that at the poncey sherry bar soon. xx

  16. lame b/c I rarely comment anymore. Still love ya though!

  17. That's great news! Your lining and number of follicles sound spot on. Let's hope you are back there soon for a 12 week scan.


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