Sunday, 11 April 2010

Blog Off

Starting blogging is a bit like starting trying to get pregnant.

You begin enthusiastically, with lots of ideas and different things to try.

You are excited. You want to tell people what you are doing but don't, instead it is your little secret. A year goes by and things start to become repetitive you've been here before, the thrill wears off, you are ready for something more.

And this is where my analogy completely falls down.

'Cause lets face it whilst I enjoy getting comments on my blog, I'm not so keen on them whilst on the job. Well, not from an audience anyway.

I've become a bit tired of late. I feel this blog is getting stale. As muses go infertility isn't the most inspiring of subjects.

But, I am about to start IVF a process which I hope will become one of the most life changing experiences of my life, one that I hope I will have to live with the consequences of for the rest of my days - or at least until the little critter leaves home.

So it would be a dumb time to stop blogging just now.

Therefore I have decided to take a few weeks off. On the 10 of June I have my next appointment which I hope will properly begin the IVF process.

Until then I don't really have much more to say. I'm not depressed, or upset, or pessimistic, or fed up (well, maybe a just little fed up). I think I need to step away from infertile thoughts, and take a break.

So amigos, thanks for your support I'll be back on (or around) the 10 of June and it'd be great if you popped back then.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Happy New Year!

May 2011 bring you all your heart's desire.

What do you mean I'm a bit previous? The second week in April means only one thing for those of us trying to get pregnant:

If you aren't up the duff by now, and don't manage to get knocked up in the next week, then (barring premature babies) you can forget a 2010 baby.

Or, to put a more positive spin on it. If you want your babies birthdate to be the unforgettable 1/1/11 then get humping, this week is the week.

I know, depressing isn't it? So ... um ... have a good evening.


Sunday, 4 April 2010

Sign of the times

At my last Doctor's appointment I was given some things to sign prior to the IVF.

"Just a few consent forms" the Doctors said nonchalently, before heaving out an amazonian forest's worth of paper. "We make you sign your consent for things that you are very unlikely to need, but it just means if there is an unexpected procedure that we have to do, we don't have to waste time waiting for consent."

That was this weekend's job, and I needed the extra days.

I signed:
  • The Registration form - where the fuck was the husband born again? I don't think Teuchter-land counts
  • Parental Responsibility form - I think this only for couples who aren't married, but what the hell I signed it anyway
  • Patient Information and Consent form - saying we are happy to be tested for HIV, it has already been done but aye, go on, do your worse
  • Consent to Examination and Treatment - carries the line: "I understand that at consultation, and during the course of any ensuing treatment, it may be necessary to undergo internal examination and internal scan." You don't say, and there was I thinking the Doctor just fancied me
  • Your Consent To The Disclosure of Identifying Information - I don't have any tattoos but I do have a scar on my arm, does that count?
  • Consent to Disclosure of Identifying Information To Another Person Not Covered By A License - I think, as this blog proves, I have no fear of disclosing personal information
  • Welfare of the Child form - this one is classic. It includes questions including: Do you have any previous convictions related to harming children? Yes/No (if yes provide details). I figure this isn't going to be so effective at stopping abusers having children as stopping really dumb, easy to catch abusers having children.
  • Consent For In Vitro Fertilisation - well, I've got this far
  • Consent To The Use Of The ICSI Technique - this'll be one of those you probably won't need it but just in case, so I signed away
  • Multiple Pregnancy Information Sheet - yup, read and understood. Maybe I'll just get the one egg transferred to begin with
  • Consent For The Cryopreservation of Embryos - Gosh! How space age that sounds
  • Consent For Blastocyst Embryo Transfer - which means, will you let us wait a couple more days to transfer the embryo if need be. Fine by me
  • Consent For Assisted Zona Hatching - Uh? This was new to me. Apparently they crack the egg if the skin is a bit hard
  • Consent For Use And Storage Of Eggs and Embryos For Your Treatment - Fine. I don't want them thrown away before I know if I need them
  • Consent For Use And Storage Of Sperm And Embryos For Your Partner's Treatment - I'm a dab hand a forging the husbands signature by now
  • Consent Form for Heparin Treatment with IVF - er ... ok ... whatever that is
  • A whole questionaire asking things like: Do you wear glasses (not anymore) and How will you get home after surgery (Car / taxi/ Public transport - I think we can stretch to a taxi on this occasion).
So there we go. All signed, sealed, and hopefully one day I'll get to deliver.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Easter Eggs

"I'll be back in a minute, you just make yourself comfortable" the pretty blond said with a coy backwards glance as she left the room.

Before you could say ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome I had whipped off every item of clothing from the waist down and was lounging on the couch. It was only then that I started to wonder if I had misread the situation, if maybe I was being too keen.

If she was surprised at my eagerness when she returned then, ever the professional, she didn't show it. And in a brisk business-like manner she flicked a condom on the eye-watering dildo and set about her business.

Today, I wasn't reenacting one of the husband's lesbian fantasies, but having my baseline scan with added 'is your womb still in good shape'.

At the start of the appointment, when I did the normal recap of my womb and how it needs improving, she asked, "So has your womb lining always been thick?". "Er ... I don't know, it wasn't anything that was really looked at before I tried to conceive." But after that blip the doctor was lovely.

My womb lining is measuring in at a mere 5mm. At its peak (depth?) last year it was 19mm. So it doesn't look like the endometrial hyperplasia is growing back. Which is fantastic news.

And "That's a lovely clear picture of your uterus." She proudly showed me her screen with the air of a master craftsman having perfected her art.

"And look", she showed a slight dip at the top of my uterus "You have a arcuate uterus ." (Be assured, I have spent half the day googling this, it is the most common of uterine abnormalities and doesn't seem to have any affect on fertility).

She excitedly talked me through everything she could see - plenty of follicles, 17 on the right ovary and 22 on the left (at this stage in my cycle you'd expect to see 10 - 20 follicles one of which will shine through in time for ovulation). She gave me time, clear information and a shed-load of positivity.

As I left I wished her a Happy Easter and she said she hoped she'd see me again ... for a 12 week scan.

I really, really liked her.