Thursday, 18 March 2010

Slowly Does It

My appointment today was good, almost all good.

The IVF consultant has fiddled around my lady-bits many a time before. It was him who diagnosed the Endometrial hyperplasia back in January 2009. Despite all this, and having all my notes in front of him, he was still thorough getting me to talk through my cycle lengths, previous IUIs and what investigations I have had. An ungenerous soul might suggest this was because he couldn't be bothered to look it all up, luckily for him today I feel generous.

Rather than launch straight into the IVF he has ordered another battering battery of tests. Which I am really pleased about, if we are going to do this I would much rather a delay starting knowing all bases are covered than a failure or cancellation because they find something too late. So I have been sent off with chits for blood tests coming out of my ears arms and the husband had to donate some amber liquid today and will be heading back for a wank at some point in the next few weeks.

Today, just as a warm up, I had a blood test and a couple of cervical swabs (and thankfully the thrush has flown my significantly depleted nest).

Most importantly, as far as I am concerned, they are going to go back into my womb with a camera to check whether the endometrial hyperplasia has grown back since it was last cleared in July. I'm delighted because I have a sneaking suspicion (based on nothing other than my decidedly shaky female intuition) than the lining is the problem, and without implantation pregnancy is never going to happen - I know, don't say I never teach you anything.

But obviously this all takes time. Plus available appointments with this doctor are as rare as a warmed speculum (and are further stretched by the fact that he is away for all of April on paternity leave, something Alanis Morrissette might consider ironic). So my next appointment when he will go through the test results and decide, based on them, how to tailor the IVF (assuming nothing is thrown up that prevents IVF occurring) isn't until the 10 of June.

Which means I have three more months of waiting with intermittent tests on various predetermined cycle days.

You may well ask why, as these are all fairly standard tests needed before IVF, the last doctor didn't order them in advance whilst I was waiting seven weeks for this appointment. You may ask but quite frankly asking those kinds of questions just leads to anger and frustration and what is done is done and never mind. (Breath, Liz, keep breathing).

But on the plus side I guess it gives me three more months to become THAT girl. You know, the one who gets pregnant whilst waiting to start IVF.

Oh, I crack myself up I really do.


Long-time reader and commentor Amanda/Corymbia's husband was tragically and suddenly killed in a car accident on the first of March. Please flood her with support. I cannot imagine how utterly devastating this is for her and it certainly puts any of my little niggles into perspective.


  1. hey, we're already in the minority with the IF problems, so why CAN'T you be *that girl* who gets pregnant naturally? lately i keep having dreams that we'll just get lucky and i'll get preggers through ... dare it say it, sex!! *hang in there*

  2. I'm so glad they're being thorough about things. It's no use starting if there's something that needs adjustment or attention. But, for goodness sakes, you'd think that they could time things just slightly better (glad you're in a magnanimous'd be well within your rights to lift his entire desk over your head, howl and chuck it through the window). And I so hope you are THAT girl, the urban legend brought to life:)

    And good God, Liz. I just read your friend's news and am sitting in my office at school weeping. I haven't followed her, and I shy even from leaving a comment because it is just too terrible. It makes every other problem in the world seem pathetically small.

  3. Dear old NHS. Bureaucracy at its finest. Do you think Kafka ever suffered from infertility?

    (I have been over to leave Corymbia a message. Cried myself into hiccoughs while doing it).

  4. uuggghhh...waiting in the big f-ing abyss sucks. BUT maybe you are the little engine that you have that book in the UK?

    I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.

  5. I really hate those knocked-up-while-waiting-for-IVF stories, but I still hope you are one of them.

    Let the poking and prodding begin...

  6. Breathing, breathing..
    Got to be good on the tests, like you say, but why indeed WHY could they not start them before?
    Sort of basic, you would think.

    Still. Not dwelling on this, but being wonderfully patient and positive, like you are, is the thing.

  7. That's the good old NHS for you! It's good that they are re-investigating. Fingers crossed you get that natural soon.

  8. Oh, I WANT you to be THAT girl!

  9. I'm glad they're actually checking on the endometrial hyperplasia and not just merrily going ahead without at least a looksee.

    I hope you get to be THAT girl too.

    What horrific news for Amanda/Corymbia, there are no words :(

  10. Tried to leave a comment on the post above for Gigi but it wouldn't open for some reason. Sorry to hear that the IVF didn't work for Gigi and sorry to hear you now have to wait till 10th June but as you say, you may become that girl!!

    so sorry to hear about Amanda - worst nightmare.


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