Monday, 1 March 2010

February Made Me Shiver

Well thank fuck February has ended.

Was it just me, or is it the most miserable, dreariest of months? Considering it is the shortest month in the calendar it seems to drag itself, out milking the full four weeks for all it was worth. And writing something interesting, or witty or even coherent has been mostly beyond me. (And I don't want any of yous telling me it always was beyond me - a girl can dream).

So instead, for you ladies in the UK, I found a great little table the other day. This tells you what your primary care trust (translation for the stateside ladies - local area) will fund in the way of IVF.

Considering we are all one happy National Health Service I was amazed by different conditions they put on it. With 39 seeming to be the maximum age for funded IVF. And I find it a little uncomfortable that there is a length of relationship criteria, with many areas specifying the relationship must be at least three years old, which seems to me to spill a little to far into moral judgements, at least none specify the couple must be married. (And what if you meet the love of your life when you are 37? After two years of trying will they tell you you're too old for IVF?)

I'm phenomenally lucky that my trust will fund 2 IVFs, (assuming the first doesn't work, I can't 'carry one over' for a second child). So with the clinic I'm going to boasting a 50% success rate. Two shots makes it a 100% certainty it'll work.

Doesn't it?


Statistics was never my strong point.


  1. Oooh it's the return of Top Trumps.
    I guess I'm feeling a little relieved as with my BMI my PCT would of sent me on my bike quick sharpish!
    I guess while I'm posting:

    Max age - 39
    BMI - 30 (Wishful flaming thinking)
    Years together - 3
    Cyles available - 3
    Smokers - No
    Same Sex partners - Not specified

    I'm hopinh that it takes just one for you.

  2. I agree, Feb was SHIT! So pleased it is over!
    I get 2 fresh cycles and 2 frozen cycles (presuming there is something to freeze) on the NHS which I think is pretty good

  3. February did suck!!! I'm glad it is over.

    Comment on the NHS. I guess single ladies wanting to have children via IVF are out of luck??

  4. ... with every paper I delievered.

    Sorry, couldn't resist. I'm glad it's over too. Adios February!

  5. It's likely to be 4 shots total - two fresh rounds and two FET... at least that's what it was with out PCT (3IVF+3FET @Herts) so by your reasoning that's a 200% sucess rate - twins! *grin*

    I agree February can do one imho, it's pissed down almost the wgole month (or sure feels like it) nothing like weeks of torrential rain to make you feel crappy.

  6. Just wanted to drop in and say hi. Been reading for a while and absolutely love hearing what you have to say. I'm a Brit in Phoenix, Arizona and you keep me connected with my English roots, especially since I'm going through the same thing as you. I'm onto second IVF here in the next few months, Fresh ET failed, Frozen ET worked but missed miscarried 3 weeks ago(brutal getting over that!). My particular American 'insurance coverage' is highly shiteous, so we're already in for 7,000 pounds, and that was going to Mexico for treatment! but that sum does include flights, lodging etc as well as treatment.

    So I'm with you 100%, thank FUCK February is over!

  7. February blows. But at least we were spared a leap year.

    I'm going to bet on the 100% because I like those odds. And will also predict that readers on this side of the pond (well, just those of us in the US of A) are reading your post with a certain amount of wistful envy. How strange. A country that actually cares somewhat about the health of its populace. (Sorry. Couldn't keep that one in.)

    That said, the edict of a 3-year relationship does seem a bit, I dunno, preachy?

  8. Yes February sucks. I usually hate February.
    Yay for 2 IVF tries. Good luck.

  9. In awe of the 2 IVF tries! Could someone who doesn't meet the criteria pay out of pocket?

    February never was a good month for me either.

  10. Liz, you should know better than to get me started on the NHS funding IVF!

    Any reports or newspaper articles on what you are entitled to should be taken with a pinch of salt as they change the criteria to suit themselves. I was told I was too young by the PCT in our area. They were concentrating on woman who were 37,38,39. I say this in the past tense because I am sure that they will have changed the criteria by now.

    IVF on the NHS is the same as actually doing IVF, it is all down to luck!

    So Fuck February and Fuck the NHS!

  11. Question - for the NHS, does a frozen embreyo transfer count as one of your tries? If not, then you might get several "tries" out of one single cycle.

    Here in Belgium, you get a set number of subsidised IVF cycles per lifetime (you don't want to know how many, the Belgian healthcare system is one of the unknown wonders of the western world) and they will also freeze any unused embreyoes to transfer at a later date - which is a 'bonus' and does not count as one of the cycles.

    G x

  12. February was PAINFUL.

    And now the sun's out, it's virtually SUMMER.

    Yes, I think that sum is about right. xxx

  13. February sucked balls here, too.

    Good luck with your TWO IVF tries!

  14. Feb was a month a pure suckage, indeed. Here's to a fantastic march.

    Glad you have IVF coverage, here's hoping that one shot is all you need!

  15. That is a good point Carolyne, they won’t try IVF on people with a BMI over a certain number even though that clearly doesn’t mean you CAN’T get pregnant.

    That is good, Nic, I’ll have to find out about frozen transfers.

    I guess so Megan, presumably because they can’t prove they have been in their relationship 3 years. I guess they’ll have to chum up with another single ladies and tick the same sex partnership box.

    ‘Tis true kate, the title wasn’t wholly original.

    And I thought you were enjoying summer down under Serendipity

    Hi Z, thanks for letting me know. You’re a long way from home. And you sound like you’ve been totally through the mill, I hope the next IVF has a much, much happier ending.

    I liked your post about the NHS Adele, and you are right it beats the US system (however frustrating it can be from time to time).

    But it is February no more Batty! Horay.

    Yeah Lost In Space, anyone can go private (well I think even private clinics have an age restriction but it seems to be heading towards mid fifties).

    Oh Secret D, I did think of you when I was writing this, but I figured you must live in North Staffs (i.e. the area that offers nothing) judging by how much you had to fight to get it.

    Yeah I know G, six bloody goes. Six. Hopefully you won’t need them though.

    The Sun was good today wasn’t it Cazzy? I liked you pictures on your blog today.

    Kelly February managed to both suck and blow at the same time. Clever.

    Cheers Al, fingers crossed March is good and your wait is a successful one.

  16. And if you transfer 2 embryos each go, your success rates climbs to 200%. Fuck stats. I like our way of calculating the odds better.

  17. Sounds like insurance math to me. Judgemental policies too!

    I'm glad February is over, but thus far March is not faring better here. Hope that's not the case on the other side of the pond.


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