Monday, 1 February 2010

A Quick Pregnancy Test

How, using a pregnancy test, can you discover if you are pregnant without having to squeeze out a single drop of urine. In fact, without even opening the packet?

Um, well no, before I give you the answer, you have to do the test first.

Have a look at this picture:

Admittedly not the clearest of pictures, I surreptitiously snapped it at my local Superdrug store this afternoon. It shows two boxes of pregnancy tests one (to the left) contains two tests and is for sale at £10.79. The other (on the right) contains just one test - exactly the same brand and sensitivity - but, whilst it normally retails at £7.99, it is selling with the offer buy one get one free.

So which one would you buy. Two in one pack for £10.79, or two in two packs for £7.99?

If you chose to pay £10.79 for the two-pack then allow me to congratulate you on your pregnancy.

Because surely only the nappy-headed amongst you would consider spending a needless £2.80 for the same number of tests.

If not, you're with me. And you'll be delighted to know I invested in quite a few boxes.

'Cause nothing says pessimism like a basket full of pregnancy tests.


  1. Only an Infertile can price shop the best rates for any pregnancy test! I firmly believe this is why Dollar Store pregnancy tests were invented.

    I would really like to support you comparison shopping skills more, but I can't compute pounds to dollars. ;-)

  2. I'd just buy the single box, because really, that's all I need right? Why even get the free one that would come with it. I'm so confident. ;)

  3. Just pictures of those bless-ed pee sticks is enough to scare me. I rarely bought those things at all after the first couple years or so.

  4. And I buy those suckers in bulk from some online place...just in case we need them. So ladies, if you have a need...just call me. I ship cheap! ;)

  5. Your last line gave me a good sob/chuckle combination, as I'd just placed my large order on

  6. Busted, you don't have to do the conversion, just pretend all the prices I gave were in dollars! Now which would you buy?

    But of course Rambler, and for the same reason I presume you have already thrown away your 'period' knickers 'cause you won't need them again.

    Lost In Space, i like to have a good supply just as a way to bring on my period should it be slow.

    False economy Nikus, you know if you get a postive you'll be straight out buying the expensive tests, just to check.

    You've gotta buy that domain Bunny, you'd make a fortune.

  7. Following your good example I have just returned with the following purchases: three different types of pregnancy test AND an economy pack of sanitary napkins...

  8. I once got H to buy three sorts of cheap pregnancy test and some tampons. Apparently, the check-out girl LOOKED at him.

  9. Bwahahaha.
    Here in Oz, we now have "price per unit" listed on most items and people STILL can't work out the best deal.

  10. AWARD Alert! I've nominated you for an award. Apologies if you have already received it. Please see my blog for details.

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