Sunday, 7 February 2010

More Comparisons

Last night was the second general meeting of the Barren Cystahood. We've know each other for years, lived together at university and since then our lives have gone in very different directions, but once more they have converged through infertility.

At the first meeting last November (one lives on the continent so our catch ups aren't as regular as we would like), we were circling our own orbits of infertility: on a break after failed IVF for one, hoping for success in my IUI and the third still woefully unexplained and unmedicated.

Now all three of us are eyeballing IVF. One in a few weeks, mine in a couple of months and third, after two IVFs and a frozen embryo transfer quite literally under her belt, tries again in the summer.

I was amazed at the difference in protocols the other two are facing. (I, of course, am still in the dark as to what will be prescribed to me, as my Doctor doesn't care to share that kind of information! But I could draw on what I have read about your differing procedures.) There are different drugs, wildly variant lead-in times and contrasting advice as to how much time to take off work.

Clearly, there isn't an industry standard, IVF is not an exact science with a defined treatment plan. In the alchemy of the eggs it seems, like Colonel Saunders, each clinic has their own secret recipe; a dash of progesterone, a skin pinch of injections, a dusting of HRT and an imposition of suppositories.

Makes me wonder if the Doctors are stabbing in the dark as much as the husband when he tries to assist me conceive.

I guess in a few months we'll know what works best.

But I hope not.

I fervently hope we'll all be just as confused about what is the 'right' procedure, but too concerned with discussing morning sickness and stretch-marks to give it much thought.


Oh, and I could really do with a favour from you.

Remember a few weeks ago I wrote the semiotics of pre-pregnancy paraphernalia and promised you a follow up just on pregnancy tests?

Unfortunately I have just splashed out (not literally I'm still mid-cycle), on a bunch of the same brand of tests. So I don't have a selection to choose from.

So please dig into the back of your bathroom cabinet, ferret around your socks and knickers drawer, or crack open combination safe or wherever you stash your period-trigger sticks pregnancy tests. Take a quick photo of the packaging and email it to me with the approximate cost of the test, and if there is anything in particular that strikes you about the packaging or blurb.

I'll post the results (with of course a link back to your blog), in a week or so.

How exciting, I'm particularly looking forward to seeing tests from other countries.

Email address is womb4improvement (a) gmail dot com.


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  2. (Still figuring this posting thing out). I love stuff like this (and your previous posts on the semiotics of pregnancy tests had me crying and gasping for breath. In a good way). I will see what wonders lurk in the cabinets.

    And I think you're right about the doctors and their secret sauces!

  3. Glad you were able to meet up with old friends again and am sorry it is a new way...

    I am very much pee-stick-less, but am looking forward to your post just the same.

  4. I can't help with the pregnancy test post as I've stopped buying them and the only one I have stashed in my draw is First Response which you've already mentioned.

    TTC naturally or with assistance is all down to luck. Are we going to be lucky or not? Only time will tell.

  5. I'm sorry all of you are going through this, but I do envy you the experience of having close friends who understand what you're up against.

  6. It seems like all of the fertility doctors have their own ideas about what works. It's so frustrating that there is no consesus on the best thing to do. I hope they find the right protocol for you the first time.

    On the pee tests, I don't have anything except the free digital tests that come with each box of OPKs. I've got about 40 of those! Sadly, I haven't a good reason to go buy any new ones in quite a while. If I do though, I'll be sure to send you a photo of the packaging.

  7. It's good that you have some face to face support as well as online, even nobody would wish this sort of shite on anyone. I have two face to face friends in the same or similar boats. One I met through IF blogging, the other is a wife of a relative of John's.

    Unfortunately, my house is devoid of peesticks at the moment, as I am taking a break from the roller coaster for the moment. But look forward to reading your post.

  8. Thanks for the pic Adele, it is a goodie!

    Cheers LiS, there is something reassuring about meeting old friends and realizing you aren’t alone.

    Sensible, Secret D, you must have saved a fortune!

    It is helpful to know you aren’t alone Buny, but then I guess that’s why most of us started blogging.

    Yeah, Lea, first time lucky would save a lot of heart ache, but it feels too much to hope for just now.

    Quite Jane, gutted they are going through it too, but glad to have (and give) that kind of support.


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