Sunday, 14 February 2010

Love Is All Around

In the spirit of Valentines I thought I'd share the love (and look, I even changed my header to celebrate spring and Valentines, although the heart looks a bit rough round the edges 'cause trying out a new drawing tool).

Over the past couple of months I've been given a few blogging awards. I'm a bit crap at awards (as evidenced here). So as usual I am going to completely disregard the 'rules' and do my own thing. I know, what a rebel!

So rather than tell you seven things about myself (I've done that anyway, here) I am going to point you in the direction of a favourite posts by the bloggers who have recently nominated me, so in no particular order:

Secret Diary - This post about the indignities we have to go through to get treated for what, for some is so easy, perfectly summarises the difference between the sexes.

Pregnant Yuppy - Who can't identify with some of these less than helpful comments?

Busted Kate - harkening back to those heady days when you first started trying (or not not-trying) to get pregnant, and realising that things are quite going to plan.

Waiting and Wishing - This short post I'm sure will chime with many who have been on clomid, and more importantly shows how through it all we have to turn to humour, even if it is through gritted teeth.

Now stop reading blogs and go and get up close and personal with your partner, yes, even if you aren't ovulating.


  1. The header looks good.. don't know if I'm with the Wet Wet Wet theme though, ha!

    I'd love to share the love with my husband later but I constantly have a mouth like a badgers arse so I'm cooking a M&S meal deal to compensate. Who said romance is dead?

  2. LOL at the last sentence. We had a great day and he was trying to top it off asking if I wanted to go out for a special V-day dinner.

    "Sure, but maybe later because I'm not really hungry right now."

    "Well, I didn't mean right now of course because "the game" is on anyway."

    True love at it's best.

  3. *Love *the new header.

  4. H is over 100 miles away. No up-close-and-personal for us. Heigh ho.

    The header is very pretty. I like this changing-seasons decorating lark.


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