Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Twelfth Night

It is 12 days since Christmas, traditionally the day that we put away our decorations for the year. So as the final festive fling, below are my advent headers in full:

And, if you remember I offered a prize to anyone who could list all the headers, the winner is ... Twangy.

Yes, only one person actually responded, but I am delighted it was Twangy because her blog makes me laugh and her illustrations are fantastic. If you haven't seen her blog go and check it out. (But I can't tell you what her prize is, as it is a surprise for her!).


  1. These are fun. I started reading part of the way through the advent process and was unaware of the contest, but looking through them just now was like another game - one of those 'spot the differences' games. Some are easier than others. Way to be creative!

  2. Oh! I am so excited. Thank you!

    Hours of practice as a young one doing Spot the Difference has paid off! And they said it was a waste of time!

    I am taking this to be a good omen for 2010.


  3. I would have entered only I was suffering from a terrible bout of "whoops-sorry-I-didn't-realise-it-was-changing-everyday".
    Me - notice much ....nah.
    But now I see it, I like it ;)

  4. Yay for Twangy! Twangy is super-sweet and super-funny.

    I was too embarrassed to submit any guesses because about five days in I was saying things to myself like 'wait, a tree? There's a tree now? When did the tree happen?' and I died of shame and hid.

    But I did love the little holly sprigs and the fact the snowman was waving.

  5. I'm both impressed with your dedication and your creativity Womb4improvement! And congrats Twangy!

  6. I'm amazed that you a) managed to change your header on a daily basis, b) that you have the creativity and, c) the technical skills to produce such things as well as place them in a post. I am such a goof when it comes to technology.

    Congratulations to Twangy!

  7. Lovely - now all I have to do is get Mr Spouse to take down the cards.

    Perhaps by next Epiphany?

  8. They're great.

    Would love to be that creative, and patient :-)

  9. It was harder than spot the difference Astrid, because you didn't have the previous day to compare to - so more of a memory test.

    Yeah, wait till you get the package Twangy! (Its not that exciting).

    There's always next year, Corymbia (Maybe)

    I'm glad you noticed the waving Nuts

    Your easily impressed Gracie!

    I would go so far as calling it technical skills Secret D.

    We've still got cards up too Dr Spouse.

    You've got your hands full as it is Mick


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