Thursday, 21 January 2010

Pester Power

Since the start of the year I have been ringing my hospital's appointment hotline.

I say hotline, tepid would be a more accurate description.

Or possibly even cold.

No, frozen.

It is a deserted arctic tundra of a phoneline.

It either rings out with no one answering it, or is engaged. Which at least gives me hope that someone has managed to get through. Or, someone else is trying to ring at the same time. I suspect from the joy I have had actually speaking to someone it is the latter, rather than the former.

In order to call, due to its confidential nature, I have to furtively scurry with my mobile to the photocopying room. For the last three weeks it has tended to take from Monday to Wednesday of intermittent scurrying and dialing to get through. (I suspect my colleagues think I am attempting to counterfeit money in there).

So on a Wednesday (and for the past three weeks it has been a Wednesday, don't even think about asking why I bother to try and call Monday or Tuesday) I speak to the appointments staff. I give my hospital number, surname and date of birth. Repeat date of birth more slowly... Spell out surname .... Wait. Wait a bit longer. Hear tapping of a keyboard. Explain I want an earlier appointment. Wait again. Am told there have been no cancellations but maybe try again next week.

Yesterday, I got through (on a Wednesday notice), and the receptionist told me how busy they were and how unlikely it was there would be a cancellation.

And then she stopped.

There was a free appointment, and could I make next Wednesday (naturally, maybe they are only open on a Wednesday) at 16.15.

Damn straight I can. So my wait for the WTHHNPIVF appointment has just massively shrunk. It is next week.

Or they have gone and screwed up my appointments again as per usual.

Thank you all so much for your suggestions of what I should be asking for I will go armed with all kinds of requests.


  1. Yay!(Well, bloody joke that you can't get through. But glad you're getting seen quickly.)


  2. That's just crazy!! But, YAY for getting it figured out!

  3. Yay! So glad you finally got through and they were able to bump it up.

  4. Hooray! Squeaky gets the grease :)

    (and I know what an amazing feat this is - I recently made an apointment with my Ob/Gyn to replace my Mirena. April 23rd is the earliest appointment I could get. It will only be 7 months past its use-by date by that time.)

  5. My God. Next week? WOW.

    (Also, panicpanicpanicpa... no, wait, that's me projecting. Sorry).

  6. Oh my gosh, what a pain...but doesn't it make it all worth it to have that wait shortened? I laughed at the spelling out surname and repeating things - happens almost every other day for me - leaving messages, needing scripts, etc. And some of those assistants and nurses are complete morons. HATE. but love that you get your appt sooner, against all odds. Sometimes it pays to ask. Sometimes.

  7. Oooh, next week! So soon...that's great!
    And, I know SO well the secret phone calls. Damn those open offices!

  8. Ah, well done. Persistence is not futile after all! Or is that..? wait..

  9. Hurrah! Next week! Hope they're expecting you, and maybe even have your notes ready for 4.15pm that day too! vick xxxx

  10. HEY! Nice work! I think you should refer to yourself as Squeaky. In the third person, as in Squeaky's so psyched!

  11. Wow, good news about the appointment. €:-)

  12. Oh, finger slipped and you got a euro sign :-(

  13. Just goes to show how persistance pays off. Well done!

  14. I know, Caroline, Turns out it is easier to get an appointment with a specialist Doc than find a date you are free for supper.

    Or Yay for persistence anyway, Rebecca

    Cheers Lea, it is all good, isn't it?

    Corymbia, What is with this squeaky dude? I hope the mirena doesn't start to rust!

    Nuts, no panic here. Yet.

    The thing is Astrid, my surname is really really simple. I worry about all those who actually have difficult names.

    AplusB AND, AND as well as secret phone calls it means I can't spend my days googling 'IVF in the UK'

    I think you mean persistence is fertile, Twangy, don't you?

    Vick, Sweetie, whilst I love your optimism. and appreciate that if you were my nurse you'd be bloody brilliant, but really? Next you'll be telling me that the appointment before won't run over either.

    It does indeed Secret D, remember that!

    Again, what is this Squeaky thing Bunny?

    I thought it was a funky emoticon hairdo, Mick, and you know how I love emoticons. ;-s (was that right?)

  15. nothing like reducing waiting times boost your mood (and help save your sanity!) :) so glad to hear you've got an earlier apointment.


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