Saturday, 2 January 2010

The Obligatory New Year's Post

This has officially been A Good Christmas and New Year.

Yeah, it started poorly but I figured I had two choices, lament what could (should?) have been or get on with enjoying myself. I went for full-on enjoyment and it worked.

Christmas day with just the husband was perfect. We did exactly what we wanted, my fears that a Christmas without hoards of people getting grumpy over dry turkey and crap presents just wouldn't feel right was totally unfounded. Instead we instituted our own traditions (kedgeree for breakfast), I introduced the husband to the concept of stockings (from Father Christmas rather than the sexy variety - although I am sure he would have preferred the latter), and we hung out eating, drinking and resolutely not saying "this time next year ..."

And then there was Berlin for New Year. A few friends were going and I almost declined the invitation because 'we might be pregnant by then'. I'm ridiculously glad I didn't put my life on hold for something that didn't happen.

Berlin was awesome. And I acted like I didn't know the meaning of trying to conceive. I drank often, I rolled around in the snow (or, more accurately was thrown around in the snow), I embraced the continental European's laissez-faire attitude to health and safety when it comes to fire works, I didn't even consider taking a pre-natal vitamin. And I laughed, a lot. (Unstoppably at one point, which unfortunately is now captured for posterity on video, still if laughter is the best medicine...)

And now I am back home, with a stinking cold, eating sausage rolls in bed (the only food in the house).

I'd hoped for a very different, very sober break. But as alternatives go it was pretty good.

I hope you all saw the New Year in with equal amounts of hope and that 2010 pulls its socks up and starts behaving.


  1. Good on you, WFI. You're a poooowerful woman, as they say in Kerry.

    Happy New Year! There's plenty more laughter where that came from.

  2. Ahh yes, zee europeanz und zeir 'elf und Zefty - but on this occasion lack thereof meant you had a good night.

    I'm glad to hear that the season passed well. Laughter is a good remedy and it sounds like Berlin did wonders for you and husband.
    Happy new year to you and husband.

  3. Sounds like a fab time. Am very envious of your trip to Berlin.

    Happy New Year!

  4. Laughing is undeniably the best medicine....if only medicine were a cure.

    I'm glad you had fun.

  5. You forgot to mention you also mastered the art of star jumps.
    Sausage rolls in bed?

  6. Delighted to hear you had a good time. we visited Berlin in March many years ago and it was jolly cold so I'd imagine it was freezing for you - pics are great. Well done, cos getting on with it is easier said than done and I'm glad it paid off

  7. Aww I knew Christmas with DH would be good. It's so lovely to not have the stress.


  8. Yay! Berlin was great. And being at home again is, too. Here's to a great 2010.

  9. Yay for a great Christmas and a lovely time in Berlin, and stockings and rolling in the snow and laughing uncontrollably.

  10. It sounds pretty good. Glad you enjoyed your holidays.

  11. Kicking ass and taking names. Good for you for finding a way to get out and have a great time!

  12. Hooray. A great holiday :)
    I sooooo need to see that video of you.

    ...hmmm - I just had to do a bulk cook of chicken parmigiana, chicken soup, home-made sausage rolls and roast lamb as the husband left the freezer door ajar last night and the meat had thawed by this morning.
    I'll pop over with some hot chicken soup as soon as I figure out how to get to your place from here in under 30 minutes....
    Hope you feel better soon.

  13. Sounds great.

    Berlin is next on our list.

  14. That's a good thing, right? Twangy

    Cheers Carolyne, Happy new year to you guys too.

    Your envy makes the trip worthwhile Jane!

    Yeah, it isn't a cure but unlike most other good things doesn't seem to be banned either, Murgdan.

    I didn't think the world at large needed to know about the start jumps Granine

    It was unbelievably cold, Lorna, but that just meant there was always an excuse for gluhwein.

    Yup, Barb, it was the least stressfull Xmas ever.

    'Twas indeed Caroline, No. (And if anyone wants to see better pics of what we got up to head over to her blog).

    YOu can't get a lot better than all that, can you? Nuts

    Cheers Batty

    Lost in Space, taking names and numbers.

    They were Paint it Black, work tomorrow though...

    I could really do with that chicken soup just now Corymbia

    Go, Xbox, for years folk have been telling me it is great but it still managed to exceed my expectations.

  15. Sounds like a great new years...but sorry you have a cold as a result!
    I totally know what you mean about not putting your life on hold...I've committed to not planning for any pregnancy because I've only been doubly disappointed when I'm not pregnant but also am missing something fun.
    Hope 2010 brings us both babies!

  16. sounds wonderful. I am also alarmed by some people's attitudes toward fireworks.

  17. Sounds great. There's nothing like a good dose of laughter to make you feel better - the alcohol helps to.


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