Saturday, 9 January 2010

Not Trying

This month I'm bucking the trend.

Whilst for most people December was a month of debauchery and boozing for me it was a period of abstinence and sobriety (well, until the 23rd when I realised I wasn't pregnant).

January is traditionally the month people quit the booze to give their aching livers some respite. For me however, I have continued to drink. Not excessively, or constantly, but repeatedly and often.

Because this month I am experimenting with the "Stop trying and then you'll get pregnant" approach.

I haven't managed to bring my Doctor's appointment forward so I have until the start of February to put this theory into practice.

So I am categorically NOT TRYING to get pregnant, and drinking alcohol is a manifestation of this approach.

Ok, so admittedly, the other day I realised that I was on day fifteen and I normally seem to ovulate on about day fifteen.

And it just so happened, that I dropped an unwrapped ovulation test into a cup of urine that was carelessly left lying around.

But, you know, even if it hadn't shown that I had ovulated I'm sure I would have had a loving, intimate embrace with my husband that day anyway. Honest. Because I'm NOT TRYING.

Of course one still has to look after ones health. Particularly in winter when there are so many colds going around so I'm taking vitamins. And with piles of conception vitamins kicking around I may as well take them rather than going out and buying any more supplements. But that is just 'cause they are there, I'm NOT actually TRYING.

Gosh, I can't tell you how liberating it is to stop trying to get pregnant for a month.


I can't tell you.


  1. I'm not trying too. I even relaxed AND took a vacation. I heard this is all you have to do to get pregnant.

  2. Heee heee. :) I hope "not trying" works!!!!

  3. I hope Murphy's Law is in full effect this month.

  4. I like how "not trying" happens to include all the stuff you would do while "trying" but without the stress and pressure.

    Hope it works!

  5. Hope it works! I enjoy "not trying too"...we've been "not trying" for 2 months. =) There are perks.

  6. Silly, girl. ;) I'm supposed to be "not trying" this cycle as well, mostly because I've read that if you get pregnant during the cycle in which you've been vaccinated for Rubella you will have a baby with a third arm growing out of its head.

    And anyway, you don't want to waste those random open containers of urine, right? I mean, that would be terrible, not to mention biohazardous leaving them lingering around and such. You were doing yourself a favor, duh.

  7. I'm am also 'not trying'. It is so relaxing, no pressure, no timing BD! Lol! Here's to a relaxing cycle.
    It better bloody work!

  8. Hahaha! nutter. (I'm glad I'm not the only person who has cups of wee lying around.)

  9. Drinking wine is actually good for your health. You're going to want a healthy heart right? You should enjoy not trying.

  10. Good for you for taking a break! It sounds like the perfect way to start out 2010.

  11. Darn those pesky cups of urine, getting in the way as you wander past with casually unwrapped OPKs. Darn them to heck, harshing on your 'not trying' mellow like that.

  12. Well it is clearly a dead cert then, finch

    suchagoodegg, not trying doesn't even work, let alone the outcome

    As in the month I keep drinking through my two week wait I'll get pregnant, right? APlusB

    You noticed did you, Jem?

    Remind me what those perks are JC

    I suppose you'd get your own reality TV show if that happened Trinity

    No pressure Nic? Really?

    Caroline, I don't actually have cups of ... oh never mind ... yes you aren't alone.

    Of course medicinal purposes only Pregnant Yuppy

    Just hope it isn't how I finish 2010 Lost in Space

    Darn and heck Nuts, and might I add goddam?

  13. Wine is medicinal, and those spare vitamins won't go amiss.
    I am slightly concerned that you aren't using your toilet properly though ...

  14. It is quite liberating, I concur. I have no idea what cycle day I'm even on (23).

  15. Hee! Enjoy your month off the stress. Hope it works!

  16. I am totally with you- after 13 months of trying it seemed like a good idea to take a month or 2 break to eat healthily and lose some weight/get a little fitter. However because I know my signs so well by now I know very well that I am ovulating.....and am giving myself more stress trying to ignore it!

  17. Don't forget to whistle in a casual way as you go about your not trying. Though perhaps not while actually having sex. ;)

  18. just stumbled on your blog - love it and hope you don't mind me following - I too love 'not trying' and even more so love that I try to shrug it off like I don't care when that BFN or period comes on a 'not trying' cycle - whilst on the inside, I'm screaming bloody murder not again. Here's to your 'not trying' cycle!!

  19. Excellent strategy!! (and very funny, too!!)


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