Saturday, 23 January 2010

Murphy's Law

A few weeks ago I wrote about Womb For Improvement's Law on Fertility Authority. And I am sure vast swathes of you thought I was being terribly unoriginal, simply recycling Murphy's Law.

Even Fertility Authority Changed the title to "Murphy's TTC Law".

Tut, tut. Oh, ye of little faith.

There is a simple and obvious distinction, and the best way to illustrate it is to use myself as an example.

For the past month I have, to the best of my ability, acted like a carefree young woman just starting out on her procreation journey. To the extent that, on Monday night during my two week wait, I went to a sherry tasting.

More of a sherry drinking actually, as the husband jealously noted that on this occasion, I swallowed rather than spat.

So four days before my period is due I go on this booze-fest. I consider doing a quick early pregnancy test before hand, just to check. Then, mainly 'cause I have none in the house, dismiss the idea. Because I know I won't be pregnant.

And that wasn't the only occasion I over indulged during my two week wait.

This is also the month that I managed to bring forward my Doctors appointment to talk about IVF. Full steam ahead on the infertile train - or something.

Do you see where I am going with this?

Those of you shouting "OMG. You're pregnant!". You clearly didn't read the first paragraph properly, this is WFI's Law NOT Murphy's Law.

Sure, if Murphy's Law applied I'd be clutching a double lined pregnancy test.

But this is Womb For Improvement's Law so, as ever, my period has started.

(Come on, you didn't really think I'd manage to get knocked up all by myself did you?)


  1. Ugh, that was suspenseful and I was so hoping for that Murphy's ending. Sorry about af. But glad you enjoyed yourself in the meantime and that the IVF appointment is scheduled. Your story represents another difference - the difference between "waiting" and "living" and you're on the good end of things there. It's inspiring. Cheers!

  2. Yeah. Narrative imperative dictates that the weekend you say 'oh, the hell with it' and get blootered (on sherry? Oh, my dear girl. I hope it was DRY sherry) should be the weekend of happy wet pee-stick.

    Narrative imperative can eat my shorts.

  3. I actually went out of my way to drink heavily on my last (no help from the clinic) 2ww, thinking I could trick my body into getting pregnant - you know, the whole not trying thing. Stupid bodies - they no nothing about irony. Or do they? Whatever. Hope your WTHHNPIVF appt. goes well.

  4. The whole not trying, 'relaxed' cycle with alcohol did not work for me either which is shit! Bring on the WTHHNPIVF appointment!

  5. I was so hoping that you were knocked up!! Good luck at the appt. this week!

  6. You had me going, I admit. Bugger about AF, but I'm glad you've been giving yourself a break.
    Bring on the WTHHNPIVF appt.

  7. I am doing my best to live life to full, Astrid, or at least not waste my thirties.

    Sherry as dry as a Mormon wedding Nuts, v nice.

    Turns out our bodies know when we are calling their bluff, Finch

    Quite, Nic, lets hope we get answers, or at least a proper plan.

    Me too AplusB, ta

    Come on Corymbia, you've been reading here long enough to know the outcome!

  8. :(

    this all HAS to have a happy ending sometime


  9. You get me everytime!

    Was convinced it was going to be a "I am pregnant" post. Sorry to hear that it wasn't. Really hoping you get some positive news at your next appointment.

  10. God you had me going there...

  11. Hahaha, I did the same thing when we were on an IUI break. Stupid bodies, calling our bluffs.

  12. Naaah! I wanted the HAPPY ending.
    Such a pity.

    (Sherry is good. And so uncool it's cool. In Spain one year I got quite fond of the manzanilla.)

  13. Thanks for the laugh. IF sucks.

  14. Ah Jaysus, you had me going there for a minute. Hope the appointment goes well.

  15. Sorry you (and I) are both there again. Though I'm firmly convinced that Murphy's Law runs the universe, there is strong evidence to the contrary that it is NOT true in the world of IF. Crap...

  16. Balls, WFI's Law! Balls indeed. :(

  17. Sorry, my dear. Even with the title, you had me going.

    p.s. good for you for enjoying those drinks!

  18. Dang it! I hate it when it outsmarts us like that.


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