Monday, 21 December 2009

Time To Break The Law?

You know what I am talking about, it has happened to you. Whether it is getting your period moments after peeing on a pregnancy test or realising your booze-orientated Christmas party falls slap bang in the middle of your two week wait.

We've all been there, but over on Fertility Authority I have claimed it as my own.

Introducing: Womb For Improvement's Law, go over and check it out.

Moving on, how many of you are actually noting down the advent calendar changes in the hope of winning an as yet undefined prize?* If you are, well done.

But, if you want to win a proper prize you could do worse than sign up for Fertility Authorities' Daily Shot. Sign up before the 24 of December and you'll be in a draw to receive five hundred bucks wort of goodies, details here.

Joining the Daily Shot means everyday you get a short email with a nugget of information, a quick opinion piece or even a fertility-boosting recipe. Just enough to remind you, you are not alone.

To enter you need to register as a member of Fertility Authority AND check the Subscriptions: Daily Shot: The FertilityAuthority Newsletter option. (And once you are a member you can comment on my posts over there, which are current woefully under remarked upon!)

*If you are planning on entering my competition not how the header has changed daily from 1 - 24 December, answers by email by 2 January please! (Email: womb4improvement (at) gmail dot com).


  1. Love the laws! Here are a couple more:

    if you peed on an HPT at the end of the 2ww and it came out positive, it was really an ovulation test that you mistook for an HPT and you will get your period in a few hours.

    The more early pregnancy symptoms you record during your 2ww, the more likely your period is to arrive early.

  2. Oh thank you so much for passing on that giveaway! I would do just about anything (or anyone) for that OvaCue monitor, I literally look at their page on Fairhaven and drool.

    Is is ok if I link back to your Murphy's TTC laws from my blog? They are awesome and so true, just genius!

  3. So true Astrid.

    Course you can link, Kate, I'd be honoured.

  4. if you peed while on an HPT after the 2ww also it became available positive, it was actually a good ovulation test that you just mistook with an HPT and you may get the interval quickly.

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