Friday, 18 December 2009

One week down

It has been a week since the IUI.

It doesn't feel like it.

Not because the time has gone really quickly, or really slowly for that matter, more that I keep forgetting it actually happened. Could this be the mythical 'just relaxing' that we are so often told about?

There's been no symptom google-searching, there's been no symptom to search. I feel utterly average, normal, unpregnant.

Of course this doesn't mean I'm not on my way. And I'm not prepared to write this IUI off as a fail.


But part of me is dreading Christmas now. I have stupidly told a lot of people who know about our infertility that we are getting our results on Christmas day, and that includes my Dad.

One of the worst thing about the failure of the first IUI was just texting my close friends to say it hadn't worked. I pictured them getting my text and for that fraction of a second before they opened it being excited that this might be it. (That finally I might get another topic of conversation and they could stop reading my blog). I couldn't have called anyone, I was too upset to say the words "I'm not pregnant" out-loud.

On Christmas day I don't think I'm going to be able to get away with not speaking to anyone.
I'm going to give it a bloody good shot though, the husband, dog and I are Christmassing alone. (And don't feel sorry for us, we are really looking forward to it and have declined six invitations already).

But I will have to ring my Dad, I just hope the pregnant pause in the conversation will come right before I announce a pregnancy, not because we'll both be keenly aware there is none to announce.

Hmmmm .... maybe a mince pie for breakfast will make me feel more festive and upbeat.


  1. Me and J did Christmas alone last year as my mum came down with the Noro virus on Christmas Eve. It was MEGA. Enjoy. And fingers crossed. xxx

  2. I really hope you get the best Christmas present ever of a BFP! Thinking of you x

  3. I love your holiday header!...and wow, Christmas day...hang in there. I hope you have the best kind of gift anyone could ever ask for.

  4. There's always the hope that no signs are good signs... there are no PMS sign then too! But still, I feel ya--if I'm not preggo at xmas, then I plan on drinking heavily just so none of my family will be tempted to ask me if I am, and I won't have to get into it.

    I'm still crossing my fingers for you :-)

  5. Good job on the taking it easy bit. My Hub and I have loved our Christmases "alone" more than probably any others. It's just so peaceful and sweet. We always include the pets too of course. :) They're our family.

    Lots of luck and enjoy the pie. Good idea.

  6. I hope that you get to celebrate on Christmas Day! Fingers crossed...and big hugs!!!

  7. I don't even know you but I'm SO rooting for you ....

    Lisa in Toronto, Canada

  8. Glad the first week flew by...I hope Christmas gets here just as quickly.
    Fingers crossed for a BFP on Christmas day...

  9. Great idea to have Christmas on your (plural) own. A nice full fridge, some good specials on the telly and what could be better?

    I wish you a lot of luck for your test day. Really, a LOT.

  10. I really really hope that it will be your last Christmas with just your hubby and dog.
    I have to admit I loved those Christmases too with just my hubby and now I also love them just the 4 of us which is what we are doing this year.
    Wishing you lots of luck and let's face it, it would be v early now to have symptoms and the fact that you are relaxed - in my eyes, it's a good sign xx

  11. I'm with Lorna, I really hope it's the last crimble with husband and the dog. We've done that for the last 6 years as we like xmas day on our own but it's starting to get a bit dull now the dog is 13. She can't party like she used to.
    Back on topic and I've everything crossed (including my banger legs) that those calls you make on xmas day are what we all want to hear.

  12. Mmmmm, couple Christmas. I get to watch Doctor Who in peace. Mmmmmm.

    You know how crossed my fingers are for you. It makes it quite hard to type. But I will definitely have them crossed on Christmas Day. I really really hope you totally don't get to drink or eat pate or interesting cheese, and I really really hope you feel very slightly sick until March.

    Hugs, my dear.

  13. I hope your relaxed attitude continues for another week. Waiting sucks. Hopefully this is your last 2ww for at least 9 months.

  14. Mmm, mince pies for breakfast would really be my advice :-)

  15. I'm hoping that its joyous news you get to share on Christmas day.

  16. Hoping as hard I can that your Christmas wish comes true.


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