Saturday, 5 December 2009

It Is Getting Closer

As promised for any of you late to the advent party these are the first five day's changes, all you need to do is get the next nineteen and email me for a chance of a prize, (regardless of where you are based you'll get something...)

Day 1: Removed Paint Brush & Roller
Day 2: Removed all Green
Day 3: Added Christmas Tree
Day 5: Snow capped the words and tree

The header will change each day at 8am GMT. Keep your peeper's peeled.

In other news I picked up my prescription for the trigger shot so that should I need to encourage my ovaries to burst prior to the IUI I've got the drugs on hand.

The bored cashier went through her standard list of questions in a disinterested voice:
"Date of birth?"
"Are you currently on any medication?"
"Are you allergic to any medication?"
"Are you pregnant?"

I don't know if there was a catch in my voice as I answered that last question but for the first time she actually lifted her eyes and looked at me. She glanced back at the prescription, clearly realised what it was for and apologised profusely.

Actually, too profusely.

About eight times.

I've put my foot in it more times than I care to remember, I have a knack of saying the wrong thing (at this point I must apologise to the husband: Sorry love). Anyway, less than a week before the next IUI she could have said anything that didn't involve the word "cancelled" and I wouldn't have cared.


  1. haha. Love the header.

    Pharmacist... weird. They haven't asked if I was pregnant almost ever.. which is good. Then the apologizing profusely just makes it worse.

    Sending you lots of good wishes.

  2. Hopefully you are soon only known to her as the pg woman filling your prenatal Rx and there will be no need to ask.

  3. wow. I am impressed with the daily changes. That's quite a commitment. I am too busy this month with the upcoming family visit and all.

    Here's hoping that this one is "the one" for both of us!!!

  4. I go on holidays for a week and everything changes around here! (Love the new header).

  5. Bless the pharmacist for realising she'd said something completely crass, and for apologising.

    Fingers fingers fingers crossed crossed crossed.

    (My own pharmacist lectured me on the importance of not taking mefenamic acid when pregnant. Umm, why exactly did he think I needed it? (Not that it worked, but still). Especially as the prescription had the words 'to be taken on days one to three of menstruation' on it. Hah.)

  6. Oh, I almost feel sorry for the pharmacist. Almost.

  7. I don't do advent calendars so super cool that I get to use your blog as one!! I like the "wintry" changes (and I liked the Halloween tone too, very when Google changes their home pages for the holidays).

  8. Loving hte header changes! Rambler's right...reminds me of Google! :-)

    Strange about the pharmacist. Odd that she asked the question; impressive that she realized her mistake...even if the apology was a bit overdone. Good luck with the upcoming IUI!

  9. Ta Barb, well I guess they don’t have to ask at the moment!
    That’d be nice, Lost in Space

    Do you want to be let in on a secret Megan? I did all the headers about a month ago so just have tp reload each morning (and not oversleep).

    Well one thing has remained consistent Corymbia, the whole unpregnant thing.

    Bless the Pharmacutical community eh? Nuts

    Yeah, she was mortified APlusB

    Allow me to lead you through the advent season Rambler!

    Google did ‘inspire’ me! Lin


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