Monday, 14 December 2009

Festive Fun


From the makers of last season's smash hit Barren Bingo, this Christmas try Conception Deception.

Watch as your in-laws note you refusing wine.

Laugh whilst your father wonders why you aren't eating the soft cheese.

Snigger at your sisters clocking your lack of pâté.

Get bonus points every time someone asks if you are OK and suggests you put your feet up.

This year make the run up to Christmas one long guessing game - a game where even you won't know the answer until Christmas morning.

Conception Deception - a game that all the family can enjoy*.

*WARNING: This game is suitable for adult females who had an IUI on or around the 11th of December, and their families. The manufacturers of the game take no responsibility for any distress caused by the outcome of the game, and cannot be held responsible for ruining Christmas.


  1. lol!
    My 2ww will be halfway through on Christmas -- I'll be testing around New Year's Day ...

  2. I'm hoping that you get your Christmas wish :)

  3. *Nearly pees self laughing*

    Good God but my fingers are crossed for you.

  4. Sounds like the worst game ever.

  5. But I'm still hoping for you!!

  6. Hilarious, I will find out on Wed if i'll be playing too! FX for both of us.

  7. Actually, this does sound fun. Make all of them feel awkward and uncomfortable for a change! love it.

  8. haha, love it. And, fortunately or unfortunately I'm participating this year...

  9. Yes, I'm playing this one too. I'll be at my 2ww then, though this is a "natural" cycle for us.

  10. Ah, too funny. My IUI was a week earlier, but I celebrate Chanukkah, so this whole thing is happening a week earlier, anyway... :)

  11. I wish I could play, but will take comfort in liquor, and will find another way to ruin Christmas for my family. Very much hoping for you...

  12. Oh, crikey. What a Christmas present - here's really hoping and hoping

  13. My fingers are crossed for you, I too will be in the 2ww over christmas and should find out New Years Eve. Just like last year...! Heres hoping for some New Year BFPs :)

  14. I bet they don't stock that at Toys R us.

    I'm really hoping you get that much deserved BFP at Christmas.

    ps: Are you ready for the snow?

  15. Xbox, What's the secret of comedy? Timing.
    Hmm that one works better when you say it.

    [cre], that is even worse for you - at least I can get drunk on champagne on Christmas day if it doesn't work. Best of luck.

    Like you did? Corymbia

    Well, if you can't laugh ... Nuts

    Huh, thanks Sarah, I was rather pleased with it, (and your second comment goes without saying).

    Yup, finger's crossed Astrid

    Or raise their hopes just to dash them Finch

    Ta elle

    We're in this together Al...

    Natural or chemically enhanced Baby On Mind, good luck.

    Thanks Twangy

    So you'll eb testing any moment Rebecca, best of luck

    There are a myriad way to ruin Xmas Bunny!

    It would be rather good wouldn't it Lorna

    Yup, start the new year with a bang Roo (or actually hoping you don't need to bang cause the deed is done).

    I wonder why they don't stock it Carolyne, (ready for, and quite excited about, the snow).

  16. What's the game cost? I think I am a perfect contestant. :)

    Love the slow additions to the blog header. I told you this was going to be my only advent calendar!!

  17. Rambler, this is the beauty of it, it is free. Unless you count the pre game costs like ovulation predictor kits, vitamins, emotional well-being...

  18. Hilarious!

    And totally frustrating for you at the same time.


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