Friday, 11 December 2009

Compare and Contrast

The Biology - Her
IUI # 1: Three follicles measuring 23mm, 17/18mm and 14/15mm
IUI # 2: Two follicules 16.5mm and 18mm (measured day before IUI)
IUI # 3: One follicule 20mm (measured day before IUI)
Winner = IUI # 1

The Biology - Him
IUI # 1: 94% mobility of 30 million per ml
IUI # 2: 95% mobility of 25 million sperm per ml
IUI # 3: 91% mobility of 40 million sperm per ml
Winner = IUI # 3

Stress Levels
IUI # 1: 09.00: Had scan, discovered I hadn't booked an appointment for the sperm clinic, got a bit stressed, booked sperm clinic appointment for 14.00. Went back to work. Returned at 15.00 for IUI.
IUI # 2: Incredibly busy at work all morning, dashed to hospital for IUI at 12pm, dashed home, walked dog, back at work at 1.30pm, 2pm in meeting with a senior manager (which I had been worrying about for days, I thought I was going to get in to trouble, it was fine in the end but certainly stressed me out) .
IUI # 3: Took the day off work. Started the day with acupuncture, had a massage at 14.15, the IUI was delayed so didn't happen until 16.55 - but wasn't rushing to get to work so that wasn't a problem.
Winner = IUI # 3

Post-IUI Rleaxation
IUI # 1: IUI without husband, got up within 2 minutes
IUI # 2: IUI with husband, got up within 4 minutes
IUI # 3: IUI with husband, remained lying down for 10 minutes after the insemination (as recommended here).
Winner = IUI # 3

The husband's preparation
IUI # 1: No change in drinking habits
IUI # 2: Taking zinc tablets when he remembers, no change in drinking habits
IUI # 3: Took zinc tablets on a daily basis (without fail), Husband didn't drink alcohol for five days prior to IUI
Winner = IUI # 3

The Results
IUI # 1: Negative Pregnancy Test
IUI # 2: Negative Pregnancy Test
IUI # 3: Unknown

Dammit, I've only gone and let hope in again.


  1. oh man, i'm rooting for you.... hopefully third time is a charm :)

  2. Fingers tigghhhtly crossed for #3!

  3. Hope, she's a crafty little bitch. Best of luck this cycle!

  4. That's always the way. I had similar follicle findings on my 3 iui's. Got pg on the first one.. did't keep. On this pregnancy, Hub was HOPPED UP on zinc trying to kick a cold. I like to think the zinc pushed us over the top. ;-)

  5. That Hope will get you everytime. Hoping with you. Best of luck on this one.

  6. Well it sounds like you and himself did everything you could to maximise your chances. Keeping everything crossed for you bar my injured fallopian tube!

  7. 4/5 for IUI #3 on your compare / contrast - I'm liking those odds. By the way, does this mean your test date is Christmas Day?

  8. Well, it certainly does sound like it all came together for IUI #3! It's hard not to get your hopes up when all the odds are in your favor this time around! Hoping right along with you!

  9. Hoping & praying for a BFP!

  10. HOPEfully IUI #3 will come out the big winner in all this. Good luck!!!

  11. We did it 3 times as well and none of them worked. I hope your luck is better than mine. Then we took a break, and that is where we stand now. Good luck...prayers with you!

  12. Everything crossed that this is the one.. it has to be!

  13. That is a really good way to look at it. It HAS to be #3!! Here's adding some more hope. Because that's all we can do during the torturous 2ww.

  14. Fingers very tightly crossed.xxxx

  15. Also cheering you on..
    You certainly did your bit. Come on, nature, do yours!

  16. If this time works I'd like to feel I played a part by recommending a massage. I'm going to be credited right?
    Keeping everything crossed xxxx

  17. Thanks Anonymous, The husband is rooting for me too, well rooting me anyway.
    Don’t hurt yourself Trinity.

    She is indeed Megan, always finding a sneaky way in.

    I hope my story has a similar ending to yours Barb …

    Cheers Lea, I hope things work out for you too

    Yes, keep your fallopian severely uncrossed Jane

    Oh yes! The Shelia, Christams day it is… which could either be indescribably brilliant or rubbish.

    Thanks Lin, I do wonder if I am only focusing on the positives though.

    Cheers JC, it’d make a nice change wouldn’t it?

    Ta Xbox

    I really hope so AplusB

    That’s tough Niki, I’m not letting myself think about next steps yet.

    I’m trying to follow in your footstep Carolyne, and get a positive on a momentous day.

    Yeah Astrid, and this two week wait will be even longer cause I still get excited about Christmas as well.
    Thanks Cazzy, can you still cuddle the kittens with your fingers crossed?

    It’s about time nature pulled her finger out, isn’t it Twangy?

    Well, Granine, you aren’t getting naming rights if that is what you are angling for…

  18. Honey - I've got goosebumps. I'm shivering and it's 32 stinking hot degrees Celcius here. I hope with all that is holy that this is the one.....and by the looks of it, Christmas Eve is in two weeks.

  19. wow this has come around fast, as usual I'm keeping everything crossed for you. I hope the 2ww doesn't drag too much with the lead up to Christmas.

  20. My god, the build up had me on the edge of my seat. Come on, come on, come on, come on...

  21. Just stumbled across your site for the first time and have enjoyed reading :) I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!!!

  22. I've been freaking about my fertility ever since I got married. I don't know why, but with such a clinical take on conception I know now. You are wonderful to share.
    I'm glad I menstruate. It hasn't always been regular,but now is. Does that mean I am as fertile as I ever could be? Probably not, right? But I choose to believe that is the truth until we try to conceive.

  23. Everything crossed for you xx

  24. Oh, don't go raising my hopes Corymbia!

    Not as fast as your due date is coming, Serendipity.

    Secret D, it is taking its time coming.

    Glad you enjoyed it [cre], cross for you too!

    Clueless, don't get stressed until after you've been trying for many months. It really isn't worth it!

    Ta Lorna, I need it.


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