Monday, 23 November 2009

Wine not Whine

I treated myself to a pregnancy test this weekend. Naturally it was negative, which gave me license to go out on Saturday night and plunge myself into a vat of red wine whilst gorging on soft cheese and pâté.

My drinking buddies were girls (women?) I'd shared a flat with whilst at University. In some flagrant mockery of the oft quoted 'one in six couples suffer from infertility' statistic all three of us are currently battling various advanced stages of childlessness. I'm starting to wonder exactly what it was we were smoking during that time - could it have been 17-ethinylestradiol (EE2)* rather than the normal student narcotic.

Remarkably though we managed to avoid the subject almost completely until, that is, someone asked what we wanted for Christmas. I said, "Well I think we all know what we want for Christmas," a deathly hush fell over the table for a moment, then we all started giggling at the futility of our situations.

But I press on and, in the hope of a very Happy Christmas, await the go ahead in a couple of weeks for my next (and as far as the NHS funding goes, final) IUI.

And don't do what everyone else seems to do and ask me what will happen after the IUI on the assumption that it'll fail. You'll have to wait until January for that nugget of information (or maybe not).

* Which I am sure you all know is the active ingredient in the oral contraceptive pill, and obviously I was aware of that without having to google it, obviously.


  1. Wouldn't dreeeeam of asking you such a thing! After all, me, I can't plan anything more than next TV show.

    But I wish you all the best with your IUI.

  2. I know this is a little odd since we haven't been properly introduced, but I am a fan. You just received a Superior Scribbler Award from me at my blog "Busted Plumbing" I hope you don't mind me notifying you here! I'm also on Twitter @Katieedid. Congrats!

  3. Of course your next IUI will work. Third time lucky.

  4. No need to ask, because we won't need to find out! :-) FX for you!

  5. Yay for stress-free eating/drinking! Sometimes it is so nice to know that you're NOT pregnant, even if just for that one night.
    Interesting about your friends experiences with IF. In my opinion, it is probably a lot more common than anyone realizes.

  6. mmm red wine, soft cheese and pate...

    After you mentioned it at the table, did everyone stop avoiding the subject or was that all on the child front?

  7. Fingers and toes crossed for your next IUI. As Secret D said, third time lucky.


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