Sunday, 1 November 2009

Some People Shouldn't Be Allowed Kids

I bought a pillowcase today.

The plastic wrapper carried a health and safety announcement:

WARNING: To avoid danger of suffocation keep this bag away from babies and children.

Stating the obvious, but fair enough, it makes sense. We get the message.

But, it then goes on to say:

Do not use in cribs, beds, carriages or
playpens. This bag is not a toy.

I think there should be some kinds of exam whereby prospective parents are given a plastic bag, and a multiple choice question about where the bag should be used. Anyone who ticks: cribs, beds, carriages or playpens should be automatically banned from breeding.

That's fairer than the current system of chance, innit?


And on a completely unrelated note, have any of you even noticed my header? That was a good 20 minutes work that was. I have now removed the header as it was seasonal, but here it is in all its glory:


  1. Heh, says nothing about in a Moses basket....

  2. Works for me. Of course one of my favorite sayings is that stupidity should be painful.
    I like the jack-o-lantern.

  3. 20 worth it. can't wait until xmas!

  4. Wait a minute ... you mean it isn't safe?

    ...and that was 20 minutes well spent that was.

  5. I agree, there should be an exam.

    Lovely work!

  6. I've always said folk should be liscensed to pro-create. It'd certainly knock out perspective idiots from ticking yes to the above.
    Can we expect Frosty up there come December?

  7. Gah this nannying culture drives me up the wall. I wonder if some legal boffin decided on the warning of if it unfortunately was spurred on from a real event. I'm not sure which would anger me more!

    much liking for the halloween-y header.

  8. Header v. cute. I'm ashamed at how long it took me to spot the BROOM. Sorry.

    I distinctly remember being given plastic bags to play with as a small child. Apparantly, I liked the rustley noise the thin, slippery, striped ones make. Make of my family's parenting skills what you will. I know I do.

  9. Well doh! Xbox, that's cause moses baskets are fine. Honestly I worry about you sometimes.

    That's a good saying Batty

    Only 'quite' Barb?

    i've got something very special planned for Xmas, Megan

    So you and I are in agreement Jane, we just have to persuade the powers that be...

    Frosty and friends Carolyn

    Doesn't bear thinking about what the catalyst for that warning was Serendipity

    If it doesn't kill you May, it makes you stronger. Apparently.


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