Monday, 9 November 2009

Negative Pregnancy Test

After first establishing I wasn't pregnant, I discovered that I had ovulated.

The pregnancy test wasn't pre-planned (or conducted with any latent hope), rather in my somnambulant state this morning, as I wrestled with a new pack of ovulation tests, I failed to notice "Free Inside Early Results Home Use Pregnancy Test" emblazoned on the packet. I had a one in six chance of grabbing the pregnancy test, and sure enough that was the one I wee-d on.

But once I'd got the right test and squeezed out enough to wet its whistle, ovulation was confirmed.

Which is a relief.

I was starting to think I was heading for another 93 day cycle. In fact I put my money where my pessimism is yesterday when buying my monthly batch of pre-conception vitamins. The three for the price of two offer was too good a money saving opportunity to pass up. It was only after purchasing them that I realised I was effectively admitting that I would be using these, rather than the 'early pregnancy pills' for at least three months. So there is your top-tip – spend twenty quid on vitamins for before you conceive and maybe it’ll push your body into ovulatory action, (I hardly dare to hope my body would go as far as making the remaining two and a half packs redundant come my period due date).

On Saturday, rather than going to the Fertility Fete, I tried a bit of aversion therapy: baby sitting my three and one year old nephews. Unfortunately they decided to behave perfectly. Even the stench of a full sweetcorn-encrusted nappy did little to put me off. And the sight of the husband playing footy in the garden with the older boy was text-book adorable. (Although I will need to explain to the husband that there is no pride to be had in being able to tackle the ball off a three year old, and occasionally he should let the shorter legged one have the ball).

I also had the great pleasure to have a hot chocolate with Nuts in May who is neither Nuts nor, as it happens, a May. (Next time May I won't make you get up so early, sorry about that!).

Right, dunno what I'm doing here on the 'puter, I best go and introduce my eggs to some sperm. Let's hope they get on this time.


  1. Of all the information there, someone of which does fall into the 'too much' category, I'm left reeling at the idea of May not being a May.

    Say it isn't so.

  2. '*some* of which', see, THAT'S how reeling I am...

  3. I owe you a hot chocolate or other warm beverage of your choice. It was totally worth geting out of bed for. As were you. Fingers, as ever, crossed for you.

    Xbox - I was BORN in May. Does that help?


    But if you already ovulated, wouldn't it be too late to introduce sperm to egg this cycle?

    Sorry if I'm being dense. My brain is fatigued.

  5. I have a collection of pregnancy tests from those kits. The first thing I do is take them out (so as not to tempt Murphy's Law). Here's hoping it's NOT a 93 day cycle.

  6. Hoping good things for you always.
    Or maybe I should use reverse psychology to see if that tempts fate?

  7. I did the same thing once - took a pregnancy test instead of the ovulation test stick. Great - another $10 down the toilet!

    Happy canoodling!

  8. sending everything positive your way as always

  9. Womb For Improvement11 November 2009 at 19:46

    Don't worry Xbox, it's not like she was a 46 year old bloke or anything (and I think I still probably called her may a few times anyway).

    Nuts, Cool, lookign forward to the next Hot Choc.

    Nah Barb, when I say I ovulated what I really mean is a got a positive on the test which really means I'm about to ovulate.

    You are clearly wiser than I Gracie, I'll learn!

    Thanks Corymbia, yeah you should start writing things like "this cycle is clearly a write off."

    Lu, yup, but considering the amount I waste that way what's another pregnancy stick between friends!

    Cheers Serendipity

  10. I might be a 46 year old bloke. I might just know a very good waxing salon.

  11. nutsinmay,

    so how are you now? My sister was also like you excited to have baby she think she is already pregnant until she use elisa kit to know if she is really pregnant but the result was a bad news the result was negative. XD


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