Saturday, 28 November 2009

Books I Would Like to See

The Joy Of Scheduled Sex, by Drew Peacock

What To Expect From Your HSG, by Doctor Phil McCavity

Rate Your Fertility Clinic, by Marcus Outovten

Getting The Fertility Treatment You Want, by Doctor Ivan I. Deer

Pregnancy Before The Menopause, by Justin Thyme

Maintaining Your Sanity Throughout Infertility, by Arthur Mynde

Adopting From Abroad, By Helen Back

When Will I Get Pregnant? By Wendy Thymis-Wright

How to Increase Your Sperm Count, by Eugene "Czar" Tootyte


I know these are piss poor and I almost wasn't going to post them.

But last night I was reading them out to the husband to get his opinion, (mainly head in hands groaning, wondering what he married). By the time I got to the last one, which was originally Eugene R. Tootite, I couldn't even choke out the words I was laughing too much (through shame). For five minutes I was convulsed by the giggles.

So I challenge you, read them aloud to your loved one and see if you can get to the end.

Who said infertility couldn't be fun?


  1. Very clever! I would like to see some of those titles in my local bookstore!

  2. Really Murgdan. or are you just humouring me?

    Come on Xbox, you know the last one was the most tenous

    You on the booze already Cazza?

    But do you think they'd sell? Rain Child

  3. Ha ha! call me simple but I love Doctor Ivan I. Deer.

  4. I Know Why You Aren't Getting Pregnant, by Unity Reelacks

    I Know Why You Still Aren't Getting Pregnant, by Unity Holliday

  5. Now those are books I would buy!! Love it, gave me a chuckle!

  6. hehe - thanks for making me (us) laugh!

  7. Fantastic! Even though I don't know anyone with enough knowledge of English to read them to, I read them to myself. Was pissing myself :-)

  8. I think that was my favourite too, Simple, I mean, Twangy

    Shall I leave my day job Jem?

    I think those books are less for reading and more for battering people round the head with Dr Spouse

    Ta Al

    That was my aim Nic

    Cheers ApluB

    You know what the first sign of madness is, don't you Mick?

  9. I'm afraid I lost it completely at 'Drew Peacock'. I'm such a light-weight. Also, mentally, all of fourteen years old.

    Thank you for the giggle.

  10. OMG that was hilarious. Beautiful! :)

  11. You are a nut. Thanks for the smiles today!

    Sorry for the latest negative. Hoping your next cycle is the one.

  12. That's hilarious! Thanks for putting smile on my face!

  13. These are hilarious!

  14. Hilarious. Thanks... I needed that.


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