Monday, 30 November 2009


Across the world today there are children who have gleefully peeled back the first door to their advent calendar to reveal a chocolaty treat (or a picture of a holly leaf, if it was the grandparents that bought their advent calendar).

The countdown has begun, and Christmas is on its way.

My countdown is somewhat shorter but nevertheless, for me, it is just as exciting. The appointment made, the date is set. But on my chosen day it won't be what is stuffed in my stocking that'll interest me.

Instead on the 8th of December I'll be checking the contents of my bladder to see if I have been visited by the ovulation fairy. And hopefully then, or a day or two later, I'll get my third (and final?) chance at IUI.

In terms of a Happy Christmas, this year it really could go either way.

But I am determined to get into the Christmassy mood so you may have noticed my header has changed a bit. This year my header is going to be an online advent calendar. Each day (regardless of whether I have blogged that day or not) at approx 8am GMT my header will change building up to Christmas day.

And there will be a prize for anyone who can email after Christmas with a complete list of the daily changes (dunno what yet depends on how many responses I get). And I'll do a recap on day 5 for people who stumble upon this a bit late.


  1. Cool! I have my eye on the prize.

    Not long till the 8th, eh? Roll on IUI!

  2. I hope the ovulation fairy visits you and that you get to have your iui. Love how you put that :)

  3. 12/8 will be here before we know it! :)

    P.S. Game on! I totally dig the advent calendar challenge. :)

  4. You really are too good. A Christmas competition, I wouldn't know where to begin.

    I really hope the fairy arrives on 8 December. Just think, what a great Christmas present that would be.

  5. Very cool! FX that IUI #3 is lucky! What a wonderful Christmas present that would be! Thinking of you...

  6. Only another week! Hoping for a great Christmas. :)

  7. 12/8 is approaching quickly (as is 12/9)...I hope the ovulation fairy is good to both of us and Santa is even better. Glad I have someone to wait with for my first IUI and someone that's always one day ahead so I know what to expect at my next appointment

    The header challenge is a very cool idea...let the games begin!

  8. ahaha, that opening para did make me laugh. chocolate-free advent calendars? SO pointless.

  9. Fingers, toes, and eyeballs crossed for you!

    And aren't you a creative thing?!

  10. love that calander chocolate!but have no self control and end up scoffing the lot early. Best of luck for #3

  11. Excellent, Twangy, nice to know someone is playing along.

    Cheers Lowfatlady,

    You see I read that, Trinity and just think of the 12th of August which is AGES away. (I know, I know you guys write dates the wrong way round!)

    I'm making it up as I go along Secret D

    It would be an amazing Christmas, wouldn't it? Lin

    Cheers Lea, and less than a week for you!

    yeah Al, we'll be in this one together.

    Xbox, are you ok? Your messages are getting less and less abusive.

    So, so, so pointless Cazzy.

    Ta Batty

    How can you type, Lost in Space?

    So have you finished all your chocolates already, PiB?


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