Monday, 12 October 2009

Off Topic

I must say you've all been very generous. Over the last couple of weeks I have received a rash of blogging awards:

Lu at Fertility Foibles and Kait at Esperanza Says appear to think my blog is Over The Top. (They may have a point)

And the musing Wannabe Mommy figured me for a Kreative blogger (creatively spelt).

(And I think there was another one but I can't find it just now - but thanks anyway).

Now, there are rules attached to these awards.

The former is to give one word answers to a bunch of questions, but I'm too verbose for that. The latter to write seven random things about my self - which I've already done see here, after this false start.

And then I have to nominate other fantastic bloggers to receive the award. But how can I choose between you all? I can't, I'd feel too worried that I'd leave someone out and maybe reawaken the long buried memories of rejection waiting to be chosen for the school hockey team. No? Just me then.

Instead I want to use this opportunity to introduce you to some of my light relief blogs. The blogs that don't focus infertility, pregnancy or parenting. I'm not going to give them an award - or even tell them they have been tagged. But I hope you enjoy some of them:

Caroline, No - This is a cute, quirky little blog written by a cute, quirky friend of mine. I have to be honest, I'm not quite sure of its name (no title and she seems to change her commenting name every 5 mins), and I'm still gutted she didn't name it my suggestion of When The Going Gets Tufnell

Secret Britain - every day we get a snippet of Britains secret history. Fascinating glimpses into how a pub got it's name or how a random house in London became the talk of the town.

What Katie Wore - I don't know Katie even though she clearly doesn't live too far from me and works in the same incestuous industry as the husband. I like the blog for the clothes, and love it for her boyfriend's words. So romantic.

Learn Something Everyday - does what it says on the tin. But luckily won't teach you any more than'll fit on a post-it (although to be honest yesterday's fact might be a bit disquieting for most of you).

Photoshop Disasters - an old favourite, what is more fun than laughing at others mistakes?

Noisy Decent Graphics - a blog written by a graphic designer. I dunno why I like it, but it encourages me to be a bit more visually aware.

Any off topic blogs you'd recommend I should check out?




  2. Thanks for the list - all wonderful distractions! And with a British father and having spent several years in childhood living in the UK, I can appreciate the British humo(u)r.

    I like

  3. gives me a chuckle.


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