Thursday, 1 October 2009

A New Medicine

If laughter is the best medicine then I might just be cured.

On Tuesday night I met up with Ann aka The Hairy Famer Family (or representative thereof) and that Everyday Stranger Shannon. (And, allow me to be the first to reassure you, that they are exactly who they claim to be, not middle aged men maskerading as mother's of toddlers.)

We met at a book launch, but not just any book launch. A book that contains an extract Anne's writing. Cringe is an excruciating, addictive book filled extracts from teenage diaries, and Anne's contribution has pride of place - the first in the book. Read it in its full angst-ridden glory here.

At the event contributors, and anyone who bought along their own tear-stained notebooks, read aloud extracts.

We had four letter word diatribes as a result of Baywatch not recording, fickle teenage love affairs, and hate-filled diatribes against parents - who just don't understand.

The passion; the pain; the hate; the love. Usually all in the same entry.

I knew it was a good night when I woke up the following morning with sore stomach muscles from all the laughing.

The only downside of the night is it made me rethink my only child-bearing ambitions. 'Cause you know whatever kid I have will for a few painful years, become a teenager who will loathe me (and chances are if they are anything like the teenagers who wrote the entries, I won't be too keen on them for a couple of years).

Still I have decided to press on for the time being, and fingers crossed IUI number 2 will happen next week.


  1. Whadayamean? Teenagers are so sweet. My class of 13 year old girls came up with a plan to solve the world's energy crisis the other week ... apparently you can get oil from *whales* so we could just use that (!)

    Good luck with IUI #2 :)

  2. Oh how I would have loved to have been there for the book launch, it sounds hilarious. I can only imagine what my diary entries were. Something along the lines of "That Sharon is a cow, she steals everyone's boyfriends, blah de blah....."

    The next time there is an event like that I will just have to get on a plane to London.

  3. I wish I could have been there (currently reading your post through green eyes).

    I can't believe the IUI is going ahead next week, how exciting.

  4. As all parents have to think when they decide to have children, "but our kids won't be like that, they'll be different" But really, the only difference is you love them like crazy so it's easier to put up with.

    Good luck with IUI #2.

  5. Why do you think conceiving a kid is so dang hard? Prepares us for the teen years. (or at least that's my current theory).

  6. What an amazing idea! I love it! I still have piles upon piles of journals and diaries from those days and oh man, do I cringed when I read them. I loved the line from the article, "Oh, the injustices I suffered, being a middle-class white girl whose parents were still married! I made sure to document them all." That was was so me!!! This makes me want to get the book, and go dig up some of my own journals from that angst ridden time. Thanks for sharing!

    Kait @

  7. I'm so glad you had a good time and a good laugh! There's nothing better!

  8. I am so jealous of you I think I might just explode. Nnnnnnnnrgh. An evening in a pub with HFF and Shannon and you and I wasn't there. NNNNNNNNNRGH. Also, sob sob. Please let's not wait until another of us is published before doing it again and letting me come too.

  9. When are you going to teach them about preserving endangered species Corymbia?

    Jane, I am pretty sure that was a direct quote from the night,I'm starting to think you were there incognito?

    Are your eyes usually green Secret D?

    Cheers Kelly

    Thanks Lea

    Biology wins out then A baby for Al

    Sounds like a well thought out solution Xbox.

    So that we can berate ourselves and say, well we did want this. Good theory WannabeMommy

    Take a deep breath before digging out those diaries Kait, they'll be even worse that you remember.

    Thanks you PiB

    I really needed a laugh Stacey,

    Gutted you weren't there Nuts, but I got the inside story on where you lived (I always imagined it being further out of town), sounds like it is very near where my big sis has moved to so maybe we should do a saff landan meet up.

  10. I DO however, have the tummy of a middle-aged man, so perhaps you were half-way home on that one!
    Was exceedingly lovely to meet you, and we must, as May says, meet again!


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