Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Just A Scan

That my alarm woke me up this morning was a pretty clear indication of how unenthusiastic I was about today's appointment. Usually on appointment days, I sleep like a six year old child before Christmas when she has a sneaking suspicion there is a pony in the garage.

And sure enough, as expected, the digital ovulation test showed me a face as blank and emotionless as the hospital receptionist who 'greeted' me an hour and a half later.

I'd only met the doctor scanning me once before but I was gratified that he seemed to recognise me (by looking at my face - he didn't give a gasp of recognition the minute he peered at my lady bits or anything). He was a very handsome man, which I imagine saves on the KY jelly costs. And he was up in about me in no time.

"There's your womb." He declared pointing at absolutely nothing on the screen

The husband and I looked and murmured "Oh" in what we hoped was an interested and knowing way.

I'd told him I was worried that my womb lining was getting too thick, but he assured me it was 8mm - which apparently is A Good Thing.

"And on your left ovary there's one follicle measuring 13.5mm" he indicated. 'Yeah right' I thought, 'this guy is doing an emperor's new clothes number on me', but still I nodded.

He rummaged around a bit more "the right has an 11mm follicle."

In order to do IUI they want you to be on the point of ovulation with one or two fat 20mm (or over) folicules. ButI am only on day 11 and I've never ovulated before day 14 before. And given another couple of days there is every chance they'll have a growth spurt.

So I get to go back on Thursday by which time I'll hopefully be ripe for the plucking (or and least the inseminating).

Funny how little things can lift your mood!


  1. For what it's worth, we found the constant scans checking if they were about to pop incredibly annoying.

    We did 6 in 7 days I believe.

    That's the royal we of course.

    But better they check too early and bring you back than too late , best of luck.

  2. That's great news. Can't wait to hear about the twins:)

  3. glad to hear your lining is all in order.

    and I can't believe I get to post things like that on your blog these days.

    here's hopin'! all sounds good to me! xx

  4. I doubt the NHS would be quite so diligent Xbox, but yeah you're right at least I know I haven't missed the sperm boat.

    Don't Mary, i would LOVE twins...

    Oh a new name Cazzy, i likes it (although now you've got a lot to live up to).

  5. So glad everything is looking good, including your lining being *just right*.

  6. I read somewhere that heavy bleeding is more indicative of lining issues than light bleeding - we're NOT SUPPOSED to bleed like stuck pigs once a month. So perhaps the lighter bleeding is a good sign? Look at me, channelling The Positive Thinking Fairy all over the place ...

    Anyway, fingers crossed and toes crossed. Lovely juicy follicles, lovely plumptious eggs, lovely plentiful - no, wait. I'm stopping this right here. Even the Positive Thinking Fairy can GO TOO FAR.

  7. I hope those follies grow and you get to do your IUI!!! I'll be thinking of you!!!

    Kait @ esperanzasays.wordpress.com

  8. OMG..."saves on the KY jelly costs"!!!! You are hysterical!!! =)

  9. yea! Check out my blog. I'm giving you an award for your clever and poignant posts -- www.fertilityfoibles.blogspot.com

  10. Glad to hear the lining is in good shape - you must be relieved. Good luck!!

  11. Yay! Glad to hear things are looking promising.

    Wish one could do this kind of thing at home. I'd be endlessly fascinated looking at my innards. :D

  12. You are hilarious!! Glad the clinic hires attractive docs to save on the KY cost - hopefully they pass the savings on to their patients :-)

    I hope those follies keep growing and you get the IUI! Fingers crossed

  13. Sounds like this one is shaping up nicely!

    Lining? check
    Growing follicles? check
    Hot doctor? check

    Yup, looks good from here. (I would so insert a winking emoticon here if you didn't hate them so much. LOL)

  14. Keep growing follies, keep growing! :-)

  15. I cant really add anything, just want to echo those wise comments ahead of me - very good news about the womb lining, the two growing follicles and good luck with the scan on Thurs. Wig xxxx

  16. Good work on the follicle growing and 8mm womb lining.

  17. Yay for the follies! May they both continue to grow to nice 20mm juicy proportions.

    Still laughing at the hot doctor/JY quip!

  18. I know Lea, its enough for me to get hopeful again.

    Has someone hijacked your computer Nuts?

    Thank you Kait, I need all the positive thoughts I can get.

    Hysterical or just plain disgusting JC?

    Thanks Barb

    Oh wow, that’s very kind of you Lu

    Very relieved A+B was worried this would be a non-starter.

    Bexx, have you seen the website ‘My Beautiful Cervix’? It’ll put you off the diy idea for good.

    Hi Al, Luckily all my treatment so far has been on the NHS so at the moment it is free anyway.

    Lost In Space, from you, I can deal with any emoticon you throw at me.

    I echo that Lin

    Cheers Wig, lets hope I won’t be drinking next time I see you.

    Why thank you Corymbia, its all my own work!

    Why, Jane, of all my witticisms has that one provoked the biggest reaction. You’re all filthy!

  19. Sounds like they're doing what they're supposed to! Much luck.


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