Thursday, 29 October 2009

Its Filmic

My film club sending me Knocked Up turned out to be less of an omen, and more of a taunt. But it did get me thinking about other films that might be appropriate this month:
And if that doesn't work we try intra-uterine insemination again next month, and it'll be time to add Weird Science to my rental list!

(The more literary of you might prefer this post.)


  1. Yes, snatch translates. haha. We use it too, just not as much. It's considered very dirty to say it here I think.

    And Knocked Up?? AAh. I cried and cried when we watched that.. and not because I loved the movie. I liked it but.. you know.

    I also cried my heart out at Waitress. Ugh. Don't watch it.

  2. I cried at Baby Mama. I was watching it at 3am when I couldn't sleep. When Tina Fey turned up pregnant the waterworks started. I hated that everyone ended up with a baby in the end...that's Hollywood for ya.

  3. I've only seen the Bride of Frankenstein out of those...
    Fantastic post, though. I don't know how you think them up...

  4. Snatch is an absolute favourite of mine, literally and metaphorically.

  5. Barb, I've never even heard of the waitress - but it sounds like a good film for the two week wait.

    Yup, Megan, that is hollywood for you in real life and films (Nicole Kidman, Geena Davis, Holly Hunter etc

    Mick, next time you get a free moment I prescribe Some Like It Hot, and Snatch.

    Filthy Xbox, filthy.

  6. Heh heh. Good post.

    I tried the 'There Will Be Blood' joke when the film first came out. I was having an ultrasound during a period and I said it to the ultrasound technician, having warned her of the state of my undercarriage.

    She looked at me as if I had just confessed to smearing bacon-fat on a yarmulke, and I felt completely crushed. *sigh*

  7. Did you really prescribe Mick some Snatch?

    You're the best fake doctor ever!

  8. Cheers, WannabeMommy

    Nuts, "smearing bacon-fat on a yarmulke", Snort!

    That just spunds sarcastic Jane

    Just call me Dr Strangelove, Xbox


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