Saturday, 5 September 2009

Wake Me Up Before You Go Go

I am now approaching what should be ovulation day – assuming, that is, my cycle is of an average length. Prior to the periodic hiatus of the provera and coil I could go three months between periods and who knows what that meant for ovulation – certainly I saw very little evidence of it.

But, optimistic as ever, I am putting my purchases to good use.

Urine, it's the gift that keeps on giving.

Normally I am fairly slow in the morning, but at the moment I throw off the duvet and leap out of bed at around 06.30, wee on a stick and wait – like a child at Christmas – for the result. Will today be the day that our ineffectual shagging actually has some chance of giving us a result?

Whilst whiling away the three minutes between outpouring and outcome I noticed the strap line on my current brand of ovulation predictor stick:


A strap line that speaks volumes.

Essentially it is saying:

“Look love, I know that if you have shelled out the best part of twenty quid on these fancy ovulation tests you have clearly been trying, and failing, to get pregnant for a good few months (or more). So you’ll have used plenty of pregnancy tests in your time, at first with hopeful anticipation and latterly with resigned but latent hope. Now at least you have a chance of a double line. Enjoy.”

So far I haven't had my double line ovulatory signal, but I have high hopes for tomorrow (or the next day, or the day after that...).


  1. I have a love/hate relationship with OPK's. I always get a slight flutter when I see that second line unitl I remember this is not the line I want to see so much.
    Have you tried doing the tests in the afternoons as many brands suggest? I always get a more reliable result that way
    Good luck with the shagathon!

  2. Good luck. One thought though is that often opk's don't want first morning urine. Or at least not in the US. Hope this is a lucky cycle!

  3. I really dislike OPKS. Mainly because I've spent so much money on them, and have yet to receive a positive. I suppose they just don't work for me, no matter what directions I follow.
    Good luck with everything!

  4. frustrating. Yet at the same time so peeing-on-a-stick gratifying. Good luck!

  5. They sound so annoying, yet still cheeper than the midcycle dildo cam I used to have each month. Yes, that is the small upside you can take if you want, cheeper than a scan. Good luck.

  6. I used OPK's for 44 days straight - from AF to AF - and never got one positive. If I had all the $$ now ... I'd still probably be broke. Damn OPKs. At least now I know I don't ovulate on my own. Thank God for Ovidrel shots!

  7. I hate hate hate hate hate OPK's, stupid overly expensive things that reminded me daily of my broken body. That other line was so exciting to me - I danced round the house like I got a positive HPT.

    I hope to god you never need this but in order to save £ I bought in bulk on ebay from a uk seller called fertilityplan.

  8. Ugh, I hate OPK's. They just make me mad. I stood in the isle the other day contemplating buying another almost $30 box of them(because I will only use the digital ones..)got angry at the situation flipped the boxes off and said "fuck it!" I instead bought makeup. Because makeup makes me smile. And it makes me pretty. And I dont have to pee on it.

  9. Best of luck. It sucks that sleeping in is no longer an option...Even though you don't have kids and are "so lucky" to get to sleep in...

  10. I never tried the OPKs ... I had one of those little spit microscopes. At least it was reusable.

  11. Happy peeing! You might consider Dollar Store ovulation tests - they work just as well as the brand names and are tons cheaper.

    Just happened on to your blog and love your writing style. I'll be following from now on.

  12. I have mixed results with OPKs. Here's hoping it works for you!

  13. OPK's...hated second only to HPTs. (-; Hope you got a + by now and are enjoying the shag-fest.

  14. Carolyne, I can’t wait all day to test.

    I’m getting saddle sore, Xbox

    I reckon Uk and USA urine is probably the same Batty!
    I’ve spent a fortune already, Mrs Emilee, and am starting to think they don’t work for me either.

    Yeah, at least it feels like I am doing something, Murgdan

    Cheaper and less intrusive than a scan, PiB

    Stacey, I’m starting to think we might have this in common

    Serendipity, I did buy some online but they never once gave me a positive so I’m throwing money at the problem.

    Oh, Sarah, you don’t pee on your make up? Shit. I knew I was doing something wrong.

    Oh I’m a lucky, lucky girl Megan!

    I’ve got to look into these spit things Corymbia, I am intreigued

    Cheers Egg Factory, my urine is clearly upper class as only the expensive tests seem to work for me, not that any have yet.

    At the moment Gracie my results are mixed, they are resoundingly negative, very frustrating.

    Nope, no + yet, and shag-fest getting tired LiS…


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