Friday, 18 September 2009

Top Trumps

Whenever there is a pregnancy announcement I immediately whip out my virtual card and see whether the woman beats my stats.

Are they older?

Have they been trying for longer?

Or has the person endured more, failed, medical intervention?

It is like a game of Infertility Top Trumps:

(NB. cycle length is in days).

In other words, have they 'won' the right to the next pregnancy or have they jumped the queue?

Usually the latter.

How do you score?

* Thanks to Carolyne whose tweet inspired this post.


  1. Age: 32
    Months Trying: 6
    IUI Attempts: 0
    IVF Attempts: 0
    Longest Cycle: 54

    I am a newbie, but I do the same thing in my head every time I hear an announcement!

  2. Heh.

    Age: 34
    Months Trying:48
    IUI Attempts: 0
    IVF Attempts: 0
    Longest cycle: 96

    But you haven't put enough categories in. When I am thinking about other people, queue jumpers or deserving? I also factor in (with my numbers, for shit and giggles):

    Clomid cycles: 6
    HSGs: 2
    Laparoscopies: 1
    Miscarriages: 1 (maybe 2)

    And also, how much time they've spent in doctors' waiting rooms and how often said doctors have MESSED WITH THEIR HEAD. So, you know, you're doing quite well ; )

  3. Ugh.
    Age: 32
    Months Trying: 24
    IUI Attempts: 4
    IVF Attempts: 0
    Longest Cycle: 43 (not sure if ovulation even happened though)

    And to go along with the previous commenter...

    Clomid Cycles: 6
    Letrozole Cycles: 7
    HSGs: 1
    Laparoscopies: 1
    Miscarriages: 2 + 1 chemical

    Tons 'o fun.

  4. I got ya on all except age! Silly girl.

    Age: 31
    Years trying: 3.5 (I didn't really count mos as my cycles are never a month long)
    IUI attempts: 3 (one early miscarriage - one of these with injectibles)
    Solo Clomid attempts: 4
    Solo Femara attempts: 3
    Longest cycle: 6 months (granted, that was only once. My longest after that is 94 days. Average was about 90 before Met)

    You're fun.

    By the way.. even when you get pg, you (or at least I) do a similar game to see if you get to keep your baby. I frantically check those who have miscarried for how far along they were, what conditions existed etc for ANY shot that I am not like them and therefore will not lose my baby. Much higher, sadder stakes than your game. :(

  5. Hey.. since people are adding their medical stuff, you forgot to include your coil and endo biopsy! The endo biopsy was NOT a fun experience for me, so you should certainly get points for that one. ;-) Actually, I had a FAR worse time with that than with my lap/hysteroscopy and hsg. You should get BIG points for that damn coil.

  6. Wow, I thought I was the only one that did the "trump" thing. LOL

    Age: 35
    Years trying: almost 5 (not anymore, getting divorced)
    IUI's: 3
    IVF: 0
    Clomid cycles: 5
    Injectible cycles: 2
    HSG: 1
    Pregnancies: 0

  7. thank you. thank you. thank you. I thought I was the only one who did this.

  8. Age: 29(getting way to close to 30)
    Months TTC: 25
    1 HSG
    1 Laproscopy
    A few canceled cycles due to cysts
    1 round of injections
    1 failed IUI
    IVF attempts: 0
    Longest cycle: Uh..maybe 29 days ish.

    I do the same thing. I get very judgey when people get pregnant.

  9. Too embarrassed to even list mine...

  10. Well I trump everyone on age if nothing else!

    Age: 40
    Months Trying:41
    IUI Attempts: 0
    IVF Attempts: 0
    Longest cycle: 37
    Clomid cycles: 14
    Injectable cycles: 17
    Hysteroscopies: 1
    Laparoscopies: 1
    Miscarriages: 2 + 2 chemical pregnancies

    What really pisses me off is when couples who have only gotten together since we started TTC get pregnant. One such couple I know recently had their second child. Now that's queue jumping!

  11. Not in the ttc game anymore ... but I remember the feeling.
    Depending on which medical preofessional I choose to listen to, I could probably call trumps on number of miscarriages though... only 1 late stage but as many as 6 early ones.

  12. ooo, # of pregnancies and miscarriages are good categories, too
    Age: 38
    Months Trying: 12
    IUI attempts: 3
    IVF: not yet
    Clomid: 3 cycles
    Injectables: 2 cycles
    Pregnancies: 0
    Longest Cycle: 44 days

  13. Well I guess I should play my card - I'm guessing younger is a winner? If so I trump the lot of 'em I think.

    Age: 28 - almost 29
    Months Trying: 42
    IUI Attempts: 0
    IVF Attempts: 0
    Longest cycle: 45 days
    Clomid cycles: 0
    Injectable cycles: 0
    Hysteroscopies: 0
    Laparoscopies: 0 (planned for feb '10)
    Miscarriages: 1 + 1 chemical pregnancy

    Upon reflection I guess I haven't been through the mill as much as everyone else. Still, it's early days and it doesn't make it any less heartbreaking.

    Love the design. I say we take XBox's advice and march on down to Dragons' Den. I can see it now, commuters playing 'ITT' on the Monday Morning slog to pass the time - But ensuring that the conductor is shown the right ticket or it could get messy.
    We could make a fortune out of peoples' misery! (Plus I always wanted to be on the telly.)

  14. Rain Child, however new you are there will always be someone who got knocked up within day’s of trying, and who will moan about it!

    Nuts, I was going to put in miscarriages instead of cycle length but the husband said that was sick – you’d have thought I’d have stopped shocking him by now.

    Oh yeah, Lea, Tons & tons of fun! Gah.

    Realy, Barb, the games don’t stop? Dammit.

    What’s your score WannabeMommy?

    Tough that things are on hold, Rebecca, but thanks for stopping by anyway.

    No bother, Megan

    There should be an order, shouldn’t there Sarah?

    Yeah, you’ve been through the mill, Lost in Space

    Jane, you’ve got some high scores there. You defiantly deserve to win soon.

    Don’t throw me to the lions Xbox.

    That’s an awful lot of heartache right there Corymbia.

    Ok, ok, I’ll add miscarriges Stacey.

    No, Carolyne, younger you lose (in this game if not in the real world). I work with someone who was on Dragons Den over the summer. He came across as a complete tosser, not surprising really as that is what he is. I wouldn’t subject myself to that for anything!

  15. Hrm...
    Age: 29
    Months Trying: 40
    IUI Attempts: 4
    IVF Attempts: 1
    Longest cycle: 36 days
    Clomid cycles: 1 Femera: 3

    Do I get some sort of award for my months trying being so much higher then my age?

  16. Age: 32
    Months Trying: 23
    IUI Attempts: 0
    IVF Attempts: 1
    Longest Cycle: 32

    What a relief that I'm not the only one that thinks about this (and the jumping the queue bit too!). I also calculate these stats for random strangers on the subway - and in my baby-full neighborhood.

  17. Age: 32
    Months Trying: 72
    IUI Attempts: 3
    IVF Attempts: 1
    FET Attempts:2
    Longest Cycle: 36

    I am currently pregnant for the 1st time ever after the 3rd FET cycle. To say I can not believe it has finally happened is an understatement. We’ve been lapped by more couples than I actually care to remember.

  18. Age: 27
    Months Trying: 22 (but now pg)
    IUI Attempts: 0
    IVF Attempts: 0
    Longest Cycle: 37
    Clomid Cycles: 3
    Letrozole Cycles: 0
    HSGs: 1
    Laparoscopies: 0
    Miscarriages: 2, and 1 chemical pg

    In the scheme of things, I know I'm very lucky. But that doesn't mean it was fun!

  19. Ohh this looks like fun, I'll play!

    Age: 32 (just)
    Time ttc:3yrs 2mths
    IUI: 0
    IVF: 0 (on waiting list, due Dec 2010)
    Longest cycle: 90ish days
    Clomid Cycles: 9
    HSG: 0 (booked for it in nxt cycle)
    Laparoscopies: 1
    Miscarriages/losses: 2, and 1 ectopic

    and just because I like to be through,

    Dildo Cam exams: 10
    Pregnancy tests taken: 100
    Hours spent obsessing over fertility charts:1000
    Fights with husband because it all sucks so much: 10000

    Great post topic :), surprised to see a lot of commenters are 32 same as me :) :)

  20. Age: 28
    Months Trying: 57
    IUI Attempts: 11
    IVF Attempts: 2
    Longest Cycle: 46

    How sad......... games aren't supposed to be sad ;)

  21. Better late than never...

    Age: 34
    Months trying: 44
    IUI Attempts: 0
    IVF Attempts: 0
    Longest cycle: 29 days
    HSG: 1
    Laparoscopies: 1


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