Wednesday, 16 September 2009

One Down, One To Go

I have to say, a two week wait which isn't bound up with the expectation of IUI, is much easier to bear.

I have very little hope this month. My obsessive peeing on sticks (my daily record was four) wasn't with the expectation that a cannily timed shag would result in pregnancy. Rather I hoped that, by knowing when to expect my period, I could work out when I was due for IUI number two.

So confident am I that, despite our sexploits, we won't get pregnant without medical intervention that I have booked a week off timed to coincide with the our next post-IUI two week wait. Well, I figured if I have to live through another interminable two weeks I might as well harness its power, and make a week off feel like a month.

But if, if, I am pregnant any doubts that I had last month are abated:

1) Swine flu hasn't raised its ugly head again. So hopefully that'll go the way of SARs, Bird Flu and The Plague. And the media will find a brand new disease to scare the bejesus out of us with.

2) My husband was definitely there for the conception this time. (Well in body, who knows where his mind was).

3) I have dyed my hair back its natural colour so I could, if pressed, last the next nine months without hitting the bottle again. (I say it is its natural colour, but turns out there isn't much of a market for dull beige hair-colourant, so it is as close an approximation as I could find).

4) Talking of bottles, I went to the works outing and publicly knocked back half a bottle of Corona and one glass of wine. I made sure everyone clocked the booze - gossip averted.

5) If it has worked this month then I'd be expecting a little 'un next June. Which gets the WFI seal of approval for 'A Good Month For Birthdays'.

Sigh, maybe the next week wait will be a little harder to bear.


  1. My modus operandi this 2ww has been to just not think about it. See, I'm not thinking about it right now. Or right now. Still not thinking about it. Not thinking, not thinking, not thinking...
    How's that for completely unsolicited and unhelpful advice?

  2. So, why did you not get to do another IUI this month? Are they on the every other month plan? Best of luck anyway!

  3. We're doing this 2WW in lock-step, aren't we? Ovulation last Wednesday?

    1) - Yeah, they're now freaking me out about how much caffeine I drink.
    2) - Oh, yes, husband was there. Thinking I was a royal bitch, possibly, but there.
    3) - Hair is brown. I did trim it today. I mark said trim FAIL, as I look like a startled hedge in November.
    4) - Am currently drinking whiskey and ginger ale.
    5) - June. Lovely month. Dear God, PLEASE, at least one of us should have a June 2010 baby. But both would be so much nicer.

  4. Gah - waiting. I hate it.
    ... but the I have no patience whatsoever.

  5. It's good to hear that you aren't feeling the pressure as much on a natural 2ww. Here's hoping that the holiday has to be unbooked.

  6. I always find the second week of the 2ww way harder than the first. As for the last couple of days....I am just way to impatient. Hope yours is more fruitful than mine, which ended yesterday. Yuck.

  7. The second week is always the worst. Good luck and I hope it doesn't go by too slowly.

  8. I’ve read your blog Stacey, you are so thinking about it! Next Wednesday seems to be THE day to test (you, me May).

    Hey Lea, it is one month on, one month off. This way three months of treatment can take half a year – clever, eh?

    We are totally in sync Nuts, it would be nice to carry on like that until next June.

    You want to breath, Amanda!

    We’ll have a break either way Secret D, but this might inform what we do …

    Yeah, sorry to hear that Jane, yuck just about sums it up.

    Ta Batty

  9. I get where you are coming from, I never peed on so many sticks/strips as I did while waiting for ovulation.
    After you get pregnant you will pee like crazy on every test you canfind just to see that positive indicator. When (yes, when, not if) you do those pg tests, don't just use the digital ones because they will fade. Use the double lines ones also, mine still have their double lines and I want to keep them for as long as they show (for my own keepsake).

    Also I have heard that after the IUI don't go back to work, go home and rest and lay down all day long. Can't hurt right!

    I am so excited and anxious to hear the day you post "It's positive!!"

    Thinking of you. :) (sorry, couldn't help it)


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