Monday, 7 September 2009


I'm currently recruiting at work.

You'd think that with someone from the team leaving to have a baby, I'd be steering clear of women of childbearing age. Not a bit of it.

In fact, given the choice (and a waiver on any lawsuits), I'd be looking for someone on the cusp of family planning.

Of course there is a catch.

I'll have to throw in the odd curve ball question like: Have you ever been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries? Or, does your partner favour a tighter cut of under-garment?

Because what I reckon the workforce needs is more infertile employees.

Think about it.

Prior to my current job the longest I stayed anywhere was two years. When I was two years into this role I was preparing to get hitched, and thinking that we'd start trying for a baby in about six months. Naturally I wasn't about to leave and risk losing the maternity benefits I'd accrued.

That was three years ago and I am still in a state of limbo.

How can I start interviewing for jobs knowing that I might get pregnant between interview and job offer/ job offer and starting/ during my first week at work/ before my six month probation periods has passed/ less than a year into the job?

I can't.

And, quite frankly, even if I did get a new job, I would feel guilty if I was up the duff and out of the door a few months after starting.

I know some people consciously change job after failed conception attempts, in the hope that a new role with reduced stress would provide the magical relaxation they crave. I don't fancy trying that - I find new jobs exciting but also highly stressful.

So my advice to employers: don't bow to conventional wisdom and fear that pre-menopausal women will be a liability. You might be lucky and get the one in six who find it hard to get pregnant and are too worried to leave in case they time it wrong.

Not that I want to leave my job, but it is nice to feel like you have a choice sometimes.


  1. It's so nice that we can hold down the jobs while our fertile sisters are popping out the babies. Grrrr. Double Grrrr.

  2. I had a woman join our team last year and within 2 weeks announced she was 16 weeks. Very cheeky I thought.

  3. Yes the hassle of changing jobs and loosing maternity benifits. Thats one of the reasons I have been at my job 12 years.Grr indeed.

  4. Ahh you are a genius! That is sooo true! In fact very true in my current situation. I planned on getting preg right away and quitting after we had a baby. 1 year 9 months later no baby and stuck in current job b/c too afraid to add more stress with looking for new job/starting new job. Lol!

  5. Yup. Stuck it out with a job I despised for three years so I could keep the health insurance. My boss did not offer maternity leave, so I knew that I wouldn't be coming back once I was with child. But there was a minor flaw in my reasoning..... now I'm doing IVF as a broke, unemployed, student with minimal health coverage!!

  6. I have to admit that I didn't stick it out in a job I didn't like because who knew when I might be knocked up. I left anyways and consequences be damned. I didn't end up pregnant anyways and I only stayed at that job for 2 weeks. The benefits were shit and should I become preggers it would suck. Then I took a permanent position in current location in hopes that I'd be pregnant when it started. That didn't work either. Maybe I'm doing it all bassackwards.

  7. Hmmm.... I got poached to a new job when I was 5.5 months pregnant with #1 (within the same govt department so not really that glamorous). My old boss knew how much I wanted this baby and how long we'd been ttc. But one of my new bosses (bigwig with a local university) pointed to my belly and said "bet you wish you didn't have *that* right now ..."
    He was so lucky I was in the middle trimester and chock full of happy hormones or I'd have kicked him a new one.

  8. Oh how I hear you. I've been fed up with my job for a long time now and would definitely have moved if it hadn't been for ttc.

    Job changes are so stressful, I just don't want to add that stress on to my existing stress.

    Like you, it is three years now and I'm expecting it to be quite a bit longer (if we ever manage to get there). Ttc really does affect every part of your life.

  9. This is so true for me. I got a more stable job with no travel required in preparation for starting a family. I've been here 2 years now and no baby yet.

    I don't want to leave because I'm comfortable that I could have a child and still work without being too stressed.

  10. This post rings incredibly true for me. I have an awful job that makes me feel worthless and stupid. But it's totally not challenging or stressful AND I'm trying (rather unsuccessfully) to have a baby. I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. I want out, but I feel like I can't leave.

  11. Isn’t it? Lea. Grrr indeed.

    That is pretty cheeky, Carolyne, I’m not sure I’d have the balls to do that – though wouldn’t mind the opportunity.

    You haven’t been trying for 12 years, PiB, have you?

    So I’m not alone, JC?

    But happier, right? Love comes first.

    Batty, just shows damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    Unbelievable Corymbia, who would ever think that was an acceptable thing to say.

    Yup, Secret D, work, social life, sex life, diet …. Arghhh!

    You too then,

    It only really works for women, Xbox, not the jaffas.

    Ughh, I feel for you Anonymous.

  12. Yeah. I've been at the current workplace for four years. Since shortly after I married. Because, hey, we'd be having a BAYYYBEEEE soon. Ha ha ha ha ha.

    And now I am bored to tears.


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